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Gabby Bernstein On How To Detox From Judgment In 6 Steps

By Rachel Nichols

“I’m not always going to be the hero of the stories I tell,” spiritual teacher and author Gabby Bernstein told 1,300 spirit junkies who gathered at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco last week to hear her speak about her latest book, Judgment Detox. “When I became more conscious of my own judgmental nature, I began to feel myself wake up..."

Healing With Wah!

By Nikita Mehta

Two hours passed by in what felt like one large inhale. Then Wah! walked around and distributed flower petals as a physical reminder of the sacred experience from which we had all returned. The evening left a deep imprint on my soul. It’s a memory I tapped into when the heightened emotions of the holidays became too much. It is a well of healing from which I continue to draw...

Kerri Kelly: Yoga For Radical Change

By Autumn Feldmeier

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the workshop Radical Healing: Yoga for These Times with Kerri Kelly last month at Yoga Tree. I’ve been hearing the word ‘radical’ a lot recently. I have seen several yoga classes/workshops using the word radical for their descriptions and even the theme of this past Burning Man was Radical Ritual. I feel like the word radical is overused and watered down.  Kerri’s Radical Healing workshop was anything but watered down...

Paul Muller-Ortega: The Map And The Territory

By Charlotte von Hemert

It’s one thing to have a theoretical understanding that we are each a unique wave in the vast ocean of universal consciousness. It’s another thing to have time-tested tools to help us tap into this experientially. This past Sunday I attended Paul Muller-Ortega’s half-day workshop where he shared practices that supported us with the latter...

WITHIN Meditation: A Meditation Studio In SF

By Kiana Noble

Staying focused and productive at work is harder than ever thanks to our smart phones. One minute, it might be a notification for breaking news, the next minute, a notification for a new Bumble match (YAY), and the next minute, your mom texting you because she discovered what Bitmojis are...

The Power Of Appreciation

By Courtney Alex Aldor

After Dr. Katia Sol’s beautiful retreat in West Marin with Danielle Devaki Gustafson, I sat down once more to write about gratitude. But seeing as how we just passed Thanksgiving (a SF one at that) and I literally pass my gratitude jar every time I reach for my computer to type out a post, the word itself was beginning to get lost on me...

HEAL Documentary Is Coming To San Francisco

By Nikita Mehta

No plans for this weekend? We got you covered! After 11 sold out shows in Los Angeles, HEAL, a documentary about the power of mind over the body, is coming to SF! Featuring Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and many more, this film looks at our ability to heal our bodies through our beliefs and emotions...

The Most Sensational Talks At The S.A.N.D. Conference

By Autumn Feldmeier

S.A.N.D. stands for ‘Science and Non-Duality Conference’ which they describe as both "a forum where preeminent scientists, philosophers, teachers, artists and a large, international community gather to explore and advance the new paradigm emerging in spirituality," and "a playground where we come together to explore and share insights or simply reflect on what is emerging in consciousness"...

Kundalini Yoga, Shuniya And Being The Change

By Charlotte von Hemert

For me, I felt like the workshop offered a microcosm of possibility. First, we refilled our well and came back to our deepest sense of Self. Then we shared this meditative expansive experience with the people around us. Finally, we recognized ourselves as a community—yoga teachers, practitioners and healers who want to show up for our selves, each other, and the planet...

An Intimate Concert And Interview With Jai Uttal 

By Nikita Mehta

One reason this is so different is, this is the first time that I will be just accompanying myself, no soloist, no second singer. I spent a lot of my career with very large bands, my albums earlier on with the Pagan Love Orchestra, there were 4 albums with them and it was always between 11 and 15 people...

The Bigger Yes: A Workshop For Self-Reflection And Continued Sobriety

By Nikita Mehta

It allows us the safe space to confront some of the things that we have been guarding against by using or drinking. And for me there is so much more healing in that. The discharge of trauma stored in up your body. More than any therapy or anything else. So yoga is just particularly effective because you have to slow down a little bit and it integrates the mind and the body...

The Conscious San Jose Yoga And Music Festival

By Gundeep Singh Bhamra

The first annual Conscious San Jose Yoga and Music Festival was held at James park in busy downtown San Jose Area. It was a well-organized event filled with vibrant the South Bay conscious community. The event was a full day event filled with lots to choose from, including various types of yoga classes, dance classes, etc...