5 Reasons The Sedona Yoga Festival Will Rock Your Asana

5 Reasons The Sedona Yoga Festival Will Rock Your Asana

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The Sedona Yoga Festival, A Consciousness Evolution Conference!

Sedona, Arizona. The undisputed spiritual mecca of the American Southwest, red rock canyons, spires to inspire, the water element of Oak Creek Canyon, and of course, the ENERGY. No matter your beliefs or background, Sedona is sure to make you feel something. And it has been known since time immemorial to support human transformation. Indigenous tribes frequented the area for ceremony and gathering, yet lived in the distant canyons. It is palpable. People have been coming here, to this small enclave in Northern Arizona for decades now to enjoy its intrinsic stillness and beauty.  Some are called, others hear about the healing and transformational energies, regardless those who find themselves in Sedona have an experience. Transformation. Growth. Expansion. Letting Go. Manifesting Dreams. Creating New Habits & Experiences. These are just some of the reasons the Sedona Yoga Festival is ranked as one of the top yoga festivals in the world!

The SYF team has seen 1000’s in attendance and have been witness to the extraordinary experiences attendees are having. It never ceases to amaze them the ear to ear grins on everyone’s faces, as they move gracefully between classes, or the light in someone’s eyes as they speak about talking to their favorite teacher for the first time, and best of all, when someone shares that they mark their current evolution as beginning at the SYF. They have even heard product designers stories of getting their big break while networking in the heart center vendor villages. Really, anything is possible at the SYF. 

5 reasons Sedona Yoga Festival will rock your asana:

1. SYF was created to support you in your transformation!
Marc Titus, founder of the Sedona Yoga Festival, had been practicing for over a decade when he moved to Sedona, AZ to deepen his practice and become a yoga teacher. To make a long story short, Marc Loves YOGA (it has saved him from himself over and over) and he Loves Sedona. Yoga in Sedona is an absolutely mind-blowing combination. Since Marc and Heather Shereé Titus (Director of SY) know just how important it is to be held and nurtured during these breakthroughs, they decided to hold a vision for the SYF to be a safe place for sharing, a place where people can come and be exposed to something very powerful AND be sheltered in a womb of safety, security, compassion and serenity. This event is a place where anyone can come and have an experience of Yoga. Young, Old, Weak, Strong, Firm, Infirm, Stable, Unstable, Happy, Sad. There is something for everyone regardless of being a beginner or an advanced student. And as Heather always says, “you can go all weekend without doing a lick of asana…” There is nothing to fear here.  It’s safe.

2. It's Authentic Yoga from Authentic Yogis.
Every year, the SYF team is asked numerous times by the 100’s of applicants who apply to SYF: “What do you need me to teach?” Their reply has always been: “Whatever LIGHTS you up, whatever has inspired you the most, whatever your PASSION is.”  And that is what you will receive at SYF, a teacher’s deepest experience, something that has transformed their lives for the better. Something, whose profound effect on themselves has been distilled into a workshop or class. This is authenticity at it’s finest, and that’s what you are getting at SYF.

3. Master Teachers, too!
Every year, SYF’s Vanguard Master Teachers are chosen with the attendees in mind. These teachers all have decades of practice, experience and teaching under their belts and they are here just for the conscious community that arrives. Some of these teachers do not do many yoga festivals and attendees may only be able to see them at the SYF. Imagine that. It is truly a special thing to share a live class, or even better a conversation with a Master Teacher!

4. Intimate setting.
You will be able to bump into Master Teachers like Mark Whitwell in the halls of the event venue. Or share an intimate meditation with Steve Ross, of Maha Yoga in a classroom that holds 30. You might get to ask Rama Vernon what it was like showing Mr. Iyengar around shortly after his arrival into the United States. The SYF is held in a single event venue and everyone will be together on this AUMazing journey. Whether you get to hang out after class or sit with someone for tea or go for a hike on the Red Rocks, it will all be rooted at the Collective Sedona & Hilton Resort Sedona Bell Rock in the southern outskirts of Sedona. Indoors or out, you will find somewhere special to just be!

5. Sedona: Destination Transformation.
Sedona has been nurturing transformation since time immemorial; Native American tribes came to this valley for ceremony long before anyone else showed up! The energy of the land is very conducive to support you through whatever transformation is on your horizon. The SYF team and Angel Support staff are also dedicated to fostering an environment that supports everyone in their own personal experience of transformation; along with the founders Mark and Heather.

Bonus. There will be an optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers: “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga.” This is designed to provide teachers with the skills to share yoga with first responders, veterans, trauma survivors, PTSD and TBI sufferers and many more. This 20 hour track is integrated into the SYF experience with full access to the conference outside of the intensive. The intensive will be held on Thursday all day, and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings, allowing plenty of time for integration and reflection. Time can be spent on the land or in other classes and workshops, among all festival attendees. This is their way of creating a positive impact in the world with the SYF platform.

You will most definitely have the most amazing, auspicious, synchronistic, wholistic, healing, fun AND transformative experience if you go to the SYF in 2017.  Go and get your asana rocked! Sedona style…

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Photography by Dexs Creative Imagery

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