A Cosmic Woman: Yashoda Devi Ma On Mastering The Mind

By Rachel Nichols

Vedic Meditation is an effortless, eyes-closed technique practiced for 20 minutes twice daily. It’s a simple, natural and highly beneficial practice that absolutely anyone can learn. There is no effort, no concentration and no focus. This technique and its teachings draw from the cognitive sciences and the 5,000 year-old body of wisdom derived from India known as the Veda...

New Living Expo Continues To Take Chances: The Bay Area's Signature Mindful Living Event Set For April 28 - 30 In San Mateo


The New Living Expo is Northern California's premier event for natural health, mindfulness and conscious living, and returns to the San Mateo Event Center's Fiesta Hall April 28-30 for a fourth consecutive year after almost three decades at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco (for the first 15 years as Whole Life Expo starting in 1987).

Ashtanga Yoga Confluence 2017

By Stephanie Santos

The Sanskrit word Parampara, denoting the succession of knowledge that teachers share with their students, is celebrated at the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence. It's a place where everyone has a chance to practice together in a beautiful space, surrounded by complete strangers that are all sharing the beauty of Ashtanga Yoga...

Wanderlust Squaw Valley Is Happening July 20 - 23!


So excited to tell you that Wanderlust is returning to Squaw Valley, CA for an unforgettable, four-day retreat. Located at the beautiful Squaw Valley resort Wanderlust gathers a unique combination of yoga, music, speakers and outdoor adventure to create the ultimate restorative getaway.

3 Reasons To Try Qi Gong With Eli Cohen!

By SF Yoga Mag

Qi Gong literally means "Energy Cultivation Practice" in Chinese. It sees our thoughts, emotions and the physical body as an integrated energy source that can be mastered and cultivated. In practice you realize the power of all three energy sources combined...

Wanderlust 108: Mindful Triathlon Coming To SF

By Rachel Nichols

One of the highlights that we are excited about at San Francisco’s Wanderlust 108 this year Los Angeles-based yoga teacher Mary Beth LaRue. We caught up with Mary Beth, who has been teaching yoga for 10 years, to find out what she is most excited about for this year’s Wanderlust 108...

The Gift Of Monastic Life For Non-Monastics

By Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

It is 6 a.m. There are no morning bells, no knock at the door. The sun is rising. This is good enough reason to begin to rise. The sky is a painted picture of orange, purple and blue clouds and light. I don’t know if the guests are rising or not. I am staring out the window. If life is a painting, the canvas is spectacular in these minutes...

Jasmine Tarkeshi's New Yoga Book!

By Courtney Aldor

My favorite part of the book is its message: yoga is for everyone, regardless of what you look like doing it on Instagram because we practice just as much for the mind as for the body. As a social justice activist, Jasmine also outlines why acting with kindness and compassion is just as crucial to your practice as doing a downward dog...

Creators Of Beloved Festival Unleash Inaugurada La Primavera: A Multi-Venue Call-To-Action In Response To The Immigration Ban


From the creators of Beloved Festival comes Inaugurada La Primavera on April 21 & 22, two nights of joy and justice and a multi-venue call-to-action. Featuring Alex + Allyson Grey, Las Cafeteras, and a diverse array of musicians and artists, this Portland, Oregon celebration catalyzes hope and accountability in the midst of uncertainty and benefits the Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project...

5 Reasons To Head To Sat Nam Festival in 2017

By SF Yoga Mag

The Sat Nam Festival is created from a passion for beautiful music and Kundalini Yoga. It is a celebration of the joy and rejuvenation of Kundalini Yoga and the healing and uplifting powers of Kundalini music. It is a festival where friends become family and everyone supports each other on this journey we call life...

Jai Uttal’s Roots! Rock! Rama! Juggernaut Continues April 22 In Sonoma At Sacred Music Sessions


Sonoma, CA – March 21, 2017 – Coming off of a sold out Kirtan event with over 400 bhaktas at Spirit Rock, Grammy nominated spiritual music pioneer Jai Uttal will perform a more intimate Northern California event to celebrate the release of his acclaimed 19th album Roots! Rock! Rama! in the town of Sonoma April 22 at Sacred Music Sessions...