Be The Change At Bhakti Fest

By Courtney Aldor

The room was buzzing with expectation as Sri Prem Baba - guru to many, author, and teacher in the Sachcha tradition - was about to the stage. He’d come to beautiful Joshua Tree to speak at Bhakti Fest all the way from Brazil and we smushed together like sardines...

Five Reasons To Embrace OM

By Jen Stock

OM is part of the iconography found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples,
monasteries and spiritual retreats in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The symbol has a spiritual meaning. but the meaning and connotations of OM vary between the diverse schools
within and across the various traditions...

What's A Sat Nam Fest, And Why Do I Go?

By Gregg Jackson

What I most liked about it was the overall energy and feeling of the place and people. From the moment I drove up, until the moment I drove off, I felt like the place and event was being held in a space of love, joy, abundance and healing. And that’s what I felt throughout the event...   

The Challenge Of Depression After A Spiritual Awakening

By Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

Becoming spiritually awakened for most people is not a one-time experience and forever after they are awakened and free. People have Near Death Experiences, enlightening dreams, visitations of relatives from the other side, meditation and prayer experiences which uncover their normal awareness to a state of vast brilliant light, a love without end, a realm of being with no observer, only intimacy and freedom beyond words...