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Yoga + Social Change: What Are You Standing For?

By Rachel Nichols

Practicing yoga with Seane Corn always feels like magic to me. The way she weaves prayer into her classes and lovingly, yet firmly, challenges you to use your privilege to make a difference in the world is so inspiring. She reminds us that each and every one of us can make a difference—even if we just start with ourselves by examining what's going on in our own inner landscape…

OM Rising: Gathering Our Sangha

By Nikita Mehta

What does it mean to truly form community? To be in sangha with one another? Every day in studios all across the Bay Area we roll out our mats, side by side, flow and breathe, move our bodies, set intention and lay in savasana together. We say hello, make lingering eye contact, exchange numbers, meet for coffee… and then go about on our busy, beautiful, blessed lives. We are a community…

David Sauvage Performs As Empath In SF

By Courtney Alex Aldor

When I was invited to see David Sauvage’s ‘Empath’, a one-man show of energy reading meets performance art, I wasn’t sure what to expect. An Intuitive myself - that is, a person who reads energy for a living like David does - it’d been drilled into me that an exchange like the one I was about to witness…

Gabby Bernstein On How To Detox From Judgment In 6 Steps

By Rachel Nichols

“I’m not always going to be the hero of the stories I tell,” spiritual teacher and author Gabby Bernstein told 1,300 spirit junkies who gathered at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco last week to hear her speak about her latest book, Judgment Detox. “When I became more conscious of my own judgmental nature, I began to feel myself wake up..."