5 Astrology Lessons From Kaypacha

5 Astrology Lessons From Kaypacha

By Courtney Aldor

Something interesting happened when I sat down to try to write this post about Kaypacha - the lovable, adorable, and ever-wise Astrologer who brings us the weekly Pele Report - I couldn’t write. That’s right, I sat down to do one thing, ended up somewhere else, had to run out to do something, which messed up plans with a friend whose plans were messed up anyway because she kept sleeping through her alarm which caused her to miss a deadline, etc. And when I reached out to 2 other friends and editors at SF Yoga for wisdom, they were so frenzied, we couldn’t find a time to speak. Which is when someone made a joke about the full moon. Which is when I made a joke that I was supposed to be writing about it. Which is when the genius Rachel Nichols pointed out that I might want to provide my writer’s block as an example for you dear readers, because that’s EXACTLY what this post is about: how astrology affects us all, and how learning about the oldest occult science in the world can show us purpose, deeper meaning, and how we’re all connected.

With more than 40 years of interpreting astrology under his belt, Kaypacha specializes in a branch of astrology called Evolutionary Astrology, which he studied under Jeffrey Wolfe-Green. As you might guess, Evolutionary Astrology looks at the correlation between the cosmos and the evolution of human-beings (and all beings really) on our Earth as a whole. It’s like an energetic weather forecast, if you will, for the whole planet. The point of Evolutionary Astrology, beyond what it teaches us about ourselves, is to help us understand where we ALL are in this ‘unfolding’, so that we can understand how best to navigate. As Kaypacha puts it, ‘It’s like taking the temperature of the water we’re swimming in, taking the pulse of this Earth we all share’.

But what if you don’t believe in ‘horoscopes’? Well that’s ok. Because this isn’t about predicting that all Gemini’s will receive a raise today (though I’m sure that’d be nice), or picking the best day this week to go on a date. This is about learning to see the big picture, understanding our purpose, and moving forward equipped with the knowledge to create the best possible outcome for our collective selves. Still with me? Ok good, because, before I move on to the gist of what I learned, I’m going to tell you how you can learn more from the experts. 

So back to Kaypacha’s beautiful story. It all started when he began a daily Kundalini Yoga practice. After some time, he sold his belongings, moved to Hawaii and bought a video camera to keep in touch with friends and family. Unpacking it, he saw he could make videos, went out in his backyard to shoot an astrology report for friends, and soon, the things went viral. Soon, he had so many requests for readings, he started a collective called the New Paradigm Astrology, putting together a team of bad-ass astrologers, each with their own unique skill, who teach astrology via the website, answer questions via their forum, and do personal readings. AND, the flexibility of this set-up has freed up Kaypacha to teach at more retreats in some of the most awe-inspiring corners of this Earth in places like Costa Rica, Mexico, Laos, and Bali. Each has a different theme, based on what’s happening in the cosmos, and brings in kundalini yoga practice, shamanist rituals, hiking, and, of course, astrology. 

And now, here’s what I learned from Kaypacha (besides the reason last week’s full moon kicked my ass)….

1. Astrology can help us see how we’re all connected.

Let’s say you’re jealous because you were just evicted and your best friend is re-decorating, but then you think about the Syrian refugees and you’re feeling hopeful that the US agreed to take more in, and so on. Well if someone told you that the week’s astrology was ripe for people everywhere to face lessons related to home and safety, and you read the first sentence again, you’d see that everyone was dealing with the same lesson in a slightly different way. How cool is that? 

2. We should all be THRILLED about what’s going on in the media right now.

If I were to compare the Earth to a person, then the time in her life we’re living right now is that of the labor pains before she gives birth to a beautiful new baby. In those terms, it actually sounds pretty exciting, right? So let’s look at what she’s birthing:

As you know from the song, we’re moving into the Age of Aquarius. As these things take time - an Age is roughly 2,150 years - we’ve been making the transition since around 1950 and will be done around 2050, according to Kaypacha. In plain terms, we are moving away from a system of hierarchy in terms of organized religion, the need to be solitary in order to feel connected, and towards a more unified existence of information-sharing (hello, internet and globalization) where humanity will explore being on an equal playing field. 

At the same time, we’re transitioning from a 26,000-ish year cycle of Patriarchy to a Matriarchy. This transition will take around 500 years and Kaypacha predicts it started somewhere around 1750, so we still have some ways to go. In essence though, we are shifting from a male-dominated materialistic hierarchy to a more feminine all-inclusive system, with institutional structure that will nurture and more comfortably align with our spirit. 

Even cooler, there has been a major aspect all year which will be SUPER powerful November 8th, election day. The aspect is meant to show us our shadow side - the inner demons we’re fearful and ashamed of - so we can face them for purpose of transformation to a place of greater truth. That applies to us personally and as a nation. So, now, with those 3 things in mind, doesn’t this endless election whatever-it-is and battle over bathrooms make a whole lot more sense? AND doesn’t it even leave you feeling hopeful? 

3. And on that note, we can actually find the good points in ANY seemingly frustrating situation.

Like the writer’s block and how it forced me to wait a week to post this so I could provide you with some great examples!

4. There’s a reason more people are interested in Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Remedies, the Environment, and also…Drugs.

So because of the planets and aspects affecting the Moon for the past year (which you can find out more about from the Pele Report), EVERYONE is exploring and opening their higher consciousness or 7th chakra right now. We are all becoming more aware of the bigger picture beyond ourselves. This can be both enlightening and overwhelming at times and so we need a way to cope. On the lower vibration end, there is increased depression and drug use, and on the higher vibration end, more people are doing yoga and meditation, consuming media that presents the issues with humor (laughter is the highest vibration) rather than fear. So we all have the same destination, we’re just getting there in different ways.

Also, because of something to do with Virgo and seeing the bigger picture, we can recognize the patterns of the eco-system, how it can be helpful to us in the form of remedies from disease and how we can reciprocate by consuming less, or at least seeking more sustainable solutions.

5. You can learn more about yourself and your purpose by looking at the big picture.

Of course, each one of us falls under 12 signs, and has our own unique signature based on when and where we were born (to get a free personalized birth-chart, click here). This simply means that we learn that same lessons in different and unique ways. But let’s say you’re a coder and you’re feeling bored at work right now, and even wondering about your life purpose, as many of us are, and so on. And many of us have various tasks here on Earth, but you realize that you’re one of the people who allows the flow of information to continue at this very important juncture of ushering in the Information Age! And then you step back and say, ‘hey, wait a second…I also speak 3 languages, and come to think of it, the sharing of information has been a big theme in my life!’ And then you tell your friend, and she notices a pattern too…

And I could go on. But for the sake of brevity, check out more mind-blowing wisdom from Kaypacha and New Paradigm Astrology here AND get great discounts for the astrology convention with astrologers from all over the world gathering on Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica May, 2017!! And there are tons of cool retreats before then too….but, I’ll let you check them out and bid you farewell in the blessed words of the man himself….Namaste, Aloha, SO MUCH LOVE!!!

Photo: Kaypacha


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