It's A Know Brainer:  How To Start Your Day!

It's A Know Brainer: How To Start Your Day!

By Megan Warren-Henderson

I have always had a thing for creamy hot beverages. My love affair began long ago in the diner setting with the shelf stable tiny cups of creamer. I would stir 3 or more into my cheap black coffee until it was a snowy shade of white. At some point in my early 20’s, I graduated to steamy lattes with whole milk until I had a peak experience with the bold and exotic Brevé, the half and half latte. After a hot and heavy stint with that, my tummy revolted. I would double over in belly ache when I drank my beloved drink. I probably gained more than a few pounds as well! Reluctantly, I switched to soy milk. Bubbles of gas replaced my pain and I tried every alternative milk before I finally settled on almond milk, and there I have stayed for many many years.

I was cruising along with a daily serving of green tea and almond milk when I recently stumbled upon Know Brainer. Suddenly, both of my favorite oils, coconut and ghee, were slipping into my morning tea?! I was blown away by the genius of this simple and curious idea. All neatly and conveniently placed into one easy to squeeze, portable, and portion controlled packet. Would this finally be my healthy yet decadent replacement for my beloved creamy drinks of yore?

Know Brainer is beyond creamer. It is a liquid superpower. For real. It contains both pasture raised ghee and MCT oil. Both are nutrition super heroes. MCT oil, which is short for Medium Chain Triglycerides, is present in Coconut oil, and known for its energy, immune and metabolism boosting abilities. Grass fed butter separated from it’s dairy and made into ghee is 3x more nutritious than its grain fed cousin and has healthy fatty acids to support guts and brains! Both ingredients contribute to sustained energy and mental focus. But is it good??

There are 3 dairy-full varieties in Original, Vanilla and Hazelnut and 3 dairy-free in Mocha, Vanilla and Hazelnut for the lactose and casein avoiders.  

I decided to first try the Hazelnut casein and lactose free Know Brainer. I tore open the single serving package and it effortlessly dove into my cup of steaming green tea. With a swirl of a spoon, and the package in the garbage, it was mess free. My first sip was delightfully rich and hot! I am used to the almond milk cooling down my tea and perhaps I would always add a splash of almond milk to cool the tea or coffee to a drinkable temperature. Before my second sip, I practiced patience and I waited until it cooled slightly. Each sip was a dessert-for-breakfast experience. I have never been one for flavored creamers but the Hazelnut has a subtle aroma and a delicate flavor, not overpowering. I was genuinely pleased.  

I then thought that I would donate my body to science and try the dairy-full Hazelnut Know Brainer. My belly was pleasantly surprised! There is just the right amount of (grass fed!) milk to make Know Brainer dreamily creamy. (I still do not advocate lactose or casein intolerant people to try this experiment at home!) Again, I found the taste delicious. It was satisfying without feeling bulky. It was smooth without it being oily. It left me feeling sharp and ready to greet the day. I did notice too, on each occasion that I have added Know Brainer to my tea, the initial feelings of satisfaction and clear mindedness linger for the length of the day. Bonus! 

Know Brainer is less than the cost of a latte, but more than a tiny cuppa joe at the local cafe. After trying each of the flavors and going back to my simple almond milked green tea, there was a genuine void. I missed it. I tracked it down at my local Whole Foods near the tea. I bought one of each. And I will do it again.

To learn more about Know Brainer visit and to purchase CLICK HERE. Follow Know Brainer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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