Sphere-Mindful Tribe: An Interview With Dhaval Chadha

Sphere-Mindful Tribe: An Interview With Dhaval Chadha

By Kelly Krishna Dunn

Sphere- Mindful Tribe is a new meditation and mindfulness app that is creating global movement around connection, health, and happiness. The app starts you out with a 10 day intro course and offers a spectrum of techniques from beginner, intermediate to advanced sessions with iconic teachers. Guided meditations that are wisdom teachings, psychology and they also incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. Simplicity is key and Sphere_App gets right to the heart of it, in a simple yet profound way. We had the opportunity to talk with the CEO and founder of Sphere, Dhaval Chadha.

How did you come up with your startup app idea?

Meditation has been a transformative practice for all of the co-founders of Sphere. It helps us create more time, space, and emotional balance in our lives. It’s reduced our cognitive load, stress and anxiety and improved our capacity to relate mindfully with other people. So, with all this comes that deep desire to want to share this practice and help people learn how to do it!

What distinguishes your app from the other mindfulness apps?

Sphere is a new kind of meditation app. It is a social network for meditators. The company’s mission is to unite us all in our search for greater health, happiness, and connection. Unlike competitors, Sphere is both gamified (users move to more advanced meditation techniques as they progress through levels) and social.

As social media users begin to seek value in relationships based on deeper human connection, Sphere will become the home of “conscious” content and interaction, a welcome relief from how a lot of us currently relate with social media.

 Sphere's Unique Features  

While there are other digital meditation apps on the marketplace, Sphere’s the first and only one that’s focusing on creating a community and has shown an ability to develop a hip and user-friendly brand. The result is a truly fresh approach to mindfulness that is combining ancient wisdom with science and contemporary language and culture.

What do you hope to accomplish with Sphere-Mindful Tribe?

We’re looking to build a global movement around wellness, joy and human connection. We want to help people learn how to meditate and create a lasting practice.

What are your future plans for it? What other ideas do you have for different apps?

We want to explore the entire field of self improvement and human connection. This might include moving beyond meditation or might mean using meditation as a technique to work on a wide range of different topics.

Which type of meditation or technique do you practice and enjoy?

I practice a few different types including mindfulness, somatic meditation, Vipassana and techniques from the Dzogchen tradition.

Can you offer tips for us at SF Yoga Mag and for your fellow readers?

Sure! My favorite tips are:

  • Practice first thing in the morning
  • No screens 9pm to 9am
  • Use a meditation cushion
  • Set a calendar event for the same time everyday and adapt the rest of your schedule around this. It’s totally worth it!

Join the Mindful Tribe: Joinsphere.com

Thank you so much to Sphere’s CEO Dhaval Chadha and to the iconic teachers Dustin DiPerna, Mackenzie Hall, and John Darral-Rew, all delivering relaxing voice tones in this meditation app.

To learn more about the author visit her website: www.intuitivemagazine.com.

Cover photo taken from pixabay.com.

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