Red Rock Empowerment Retreat

Red Rock Empowerment Retreat

By Deidre Norman

I was so excited about the opportunity to sit down and talk to Cameo Gore about her Red Rock Empowerment Retreat this September. Cameo is a Business Coach and Transformational Leader in the Bay Area. She helps entrepreneurs impact the world using their gifts and talents to create profitable thriving businesses. She has helped hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs through 1:1 coaching, Manifesting Miracles Radio Show, as well as her retreats. With 20 years of leadership and business experience and a background in energy healing, Cameo helps her clients laser focus on their talents and gifts to uncover the greater vision of who they are really meant to be in the world.

DN: Please tell us a little about yourself. Why did you become a coach and how did you begin leading transformational retreats?

CG: Well, for 20 years I was in a corporate role as the Director of Surgery for a hospital. It became really evident that I was being called into a completely different direction. I was out of alignment with my work and my intuition was telling me that there was something more that I was meant to do with my life. I knew I was to help others in a different way and so...I followed my intuition. Very quickly after that I began my business helping entrepreneurs create profitable and purpose based businesses, as well as using energy healing for subconscious money blocks that keep people stuck and not making the income that they deserve.

DN: Tell us about the connection between coaching and retreats?

CG: Coaching has created the greatest transformation in my own life and now the lives of my clients, second to that, retreats! On retreats you have the opportunity to have dedicated time to focus on the internal shifts that you are ready to take for the next phase of your life. Retreats are a natural extension of 1:1 coaching as the results can be incredible and create a permanent and lasting shift in your life.

DN: Where is the Red Rock Empowerment Retreat going to be held?

CG: This retreat will take place in Sedona, Arizona at the Enchantment Resort and Spa. Sedona has always been a really magical place for me. 10 years ago I experienced a retreat there that changed my life and created a massive shift for me. It was then that I truly understood how powerful we are in creating the lives that we are meant to live. I also opened up my intuition in a new way and learned to powerfully manifest. I actually manifested my soul mate husband in 24 hours after this experience. No joke! I knew at that point I would be back to facilitate and lead others through this experience. Sedona is an amazing place for transformation and self-discovery.

DN: What will people experience on this retreat? Who is it for?

CG: This experience is for individuals looking for lasting change and transformation. The retreat will focus on establishing a deep connection on all levels: mental, spiritual, physical and emotional. This retreat is perfect for those ready to manifest a new level of success in their lives and those that are ready to see a bigger vision for what’s possible. The experience includes amazing workshops with transformational healers, clearing and healing ceremonies, hiking, yoga, and spa time. I will be co-hosting this amazing retreat with Suzanne Adams.

DN: Why do you love doing what you do?

CG: I love providing people with the tools and teaching that can transform their lives. We are unlimited in what we can create in our lives, yet often we forget what powerful co-creators we are. I love helping people to transform their life and begin living the life that they had always imagined. We truly live in a world of unlimited possibility. When the internal pieces shift into alignment your life can literally change overnight. This is what I love to witness! Facilitating positive transformations and to hold space for people to find their your highest truth.

DN: How can readers find out more about you and The Red Rock Empowerment Retreat?

CG: All of the amazing details are located at The retreat will be located at Enchantment Resort and Spa in Sedona, Arizona from September 28th through October 2nd 2016. To learn more about me, you can follow me on facebook. Or you can email me at

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