Interview With JP Sears At Symbiosis!

Interview With JP Sears At Symbiosis!

By Autumn Feldmeier

I was able to unlock many secrets (and more!) while talking to JP Sears of Awaken with JP. JP is an emotional healing coach, International teacher and producer of hilarious video spoofs: How to be Ultra Spiritual, The Law of Attraction Delusion and How to Become Gluten Intolerant. JP has over 300K YouTube subscribers and over 51K subscribers on Instagram.

A few quotes I love from JP Sears include, "Do you want to unearth the secrets of the Illuminati? The Illuminati aren't bad people. They are a group of sophisticated reptiles who have gotten a bad rap." And "How do you choose a Guru? The word Guru comes from the Greek word kangaroo which means 'he who has strong Legs to stand on."  

AF: We are thrilled you are going to be at the Symbiosis Gathering! Can you start out by telling us what we can expect from your talks at Symbiosis?

JP: At Symbiosis I’ll be teaching people how to be Ultra Spiritual, how to believe in the Flat Earth Theory, and giving people an in your face sampling of what a true guru is (along with my friend, the world’s second favorite guru Kumare).

AF: Why did you start dong the videos originally?

JP: I wanted to share my perspective on healing and growth and a year later, I started doing comedy videos. Part of what made me do it is that it gave me permission to be myself and to not hide my humorous side. I also believe that a message through humor is more digestible when it is not through the dogma of seriousness.

AF: Beyond the funny videos, what is your background?

JP: For 15 years, I've had an emotional healing practice through workshops, retreats and classes. I am more of a coach. I've spent a lot of time around wise people to learn my craft.

AF: Once the videos came out, what did your clients think of your more goofy persona?

JP: Actually, it was seamless and not shocking to people who know me. My clients know my sincere side and know that I am all about connecting with my heart.

AF: How did you feel when your videos started to go viral?

JP: It was a surprise that I had such a wide audience, but it also necessitated a huge adjustment. Suddenly I was getting recognized out and about and it has been beautiful.

AF:Your videos seem to 'spoof' a lot of spiritual practices. How much of the spiritual do you believe in?

JP: Actually, typically I only do videos on things I believe in. For example, I've been gluten free for 14 years. My spiritual practice means a lot to me and the videos allow me to be not so dogmatic about my dogma. They also allow me to practice non-attachment to things that are important to me. Everything has a shadow side. The path I use to find myself is also the path where I can lose myself.

AF: I have to admit, I posted on Facebook that I was interviewing you and asked people to write in some questions. Would you be willing to answer a few those?  

JP: Of course.

  • What's the fastest way to spiritual enlightenment: jasmine or ginseng tea? Hot or cold and why?   JP:  The answer is C. Ayahuasca tea because it gets you significantly more high.
  • Do you use an iron to straighten your hair?  JP: Yes for my ultra-spiritual videos I do.
  • Do you use coconut oil in your hair? JP: I do not use coconut oil in my hair. The only time I have was for the video and it took me 4 showers to get out. I am still suffering post-coconut stress disorder.
  • Why do you make fun of other gurus only to pedal your own version of psycho science/enlightenment on your website. Is it OK to do as long as you are the one getting paid? (Yikes) JP: Great question. here is my spin. I don't make fun of other gurus nor do I consider myself one. What I do intend is to portray behaviors and different archetypal energies that other gurus might happen to embody.  Do I own some of that stuff, too? Yes.
  • What would the title of your self-help video be called? JP: It would be called 'Higher Self Help,' me teaching people how to help their own higher self. Nothing says spiritual superiority like laying a trump card of domination over your higher self.
  • What destination around the world should I go next to get more 'Enwhitened'?  JP: The best destination to get 'Enwhitened' is not a place, but a location of time and that is the "Soon." The "Power of Now" died with the New Age. In the Newer Age, the "Soon" is a much more progressive place to go.
  • Are we just too unable to be in the moment?  JP: Do you want me to be serious?            (Serious) It’s a challenge to be in the moment, but very possible. I think the friction is what helps sharpen the samurai sword.If it was easy, it wouldn't be meaningful. (Not Serious) The "Soon" is a much more progressive place than the "Now." All you have in the Now is the crappy life you are living. The Soon, that's where your hopes and dreams of the Good Life are.
  • Can we expect you and Kumare to arm wrestle and if so, who would win? JP: No you cannot expect that; we are both enlightened enough to disown our physical bodes...but I would win. We do plan on having a third eye staring contest at the event though.

AF: On a personal note, my nephew is a ginger (red haired boy) and I wonder if you have any wisdom from your experience as a redhead. Part of being a ginger, as a kid it's a challenge because you’re different. As an adult, it makes you unique which is rewarding.                        

JP: Being a ginger signifies you're a high ranking member of the Illuminati and a supreme race. When we do the world take-over, your nephew will have a high ranking position.

You can catch him 4 times at the Symbiosis Gathering, visit to see the full line up. Friday 5:45pm and 7:45pm + Saturday 2:45pm and 6:30pm.


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