The Inside Scoop On The Office Yoga Teacher Training!

The Inside Scoop On The Office Yoga Teacher Training!

By Kelly Krishna Dunn

I was lucky to attend the grand opening of San Francisco/Bay Area’s first Office Yoga Teacher Training. Both Maryam Sharifzadeh, the CEO of Office Yoga and Lauren Coles, founder of Daisy Yoga made wonderful hosts.

Office Yoga SF brings yoga to the community while creating more job opportunities for yoga teachers. Sharifzadeh wishes to support other entrepreneurial yogis in starting their own office yoga businesses.

This new training created in partnership with YOGIA (Yoga in the Office Guides and Instructors Associated) and Office Yoga, is California’s first YOGIA certification course. YOGIA is the national resource and connector for providers of office yoga. The Office Yoga Teaching Training program is designed around a new wave of research and offers a mix of innovative skills so that each student can start an office yoga business on their own.

Corporations are rethinking their wellness budgets now that the public is becoming more open to mind-body-spirit practices like meditation, mindfulness and yoga. And many companies are beginning to discover the benefits of having regular yoga, meditation, and mindfulness training during the work day, as it continues to be effective in reducing work-related stress.

The Office Yoga Teacher Training teaches yoga teachers key skills recognized to improve proficiency, performance and productiveness.  Both yoga teachers and companies benefit from the growth of the yoga office industry.

Office Yoga aims to teach people easy yogic methods to release tension in the mind and body. They work with any body, in any space. At the training we learned how to guide a “no sweat” yoga class, easy de-stressing techniques which can be done at a work desk, conference table yoga as well as a traditional hour long yoga class, using mats and so much more!

Both Daisy Yoga and Office Yoga aim to bring yoga and meditation to the work force as a way to help improve people’s work-life balance, increase health and happiness, reduce stress, and increase productivity. And the their newly launched yoga teacher training program is one more way to keep this positive momentum going!

For more information on Office Yoga check out To check out Daisy Yoga visit

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