An Interview With Vinie Kaur: Founder Of Yogi Bath & Beauty

An Interview With Vinie Kaur: Founder Of Yogi Bath & Beauty

By Kelly Krishna Dunn

We were very lucky to speak to Vinie Kaur, founder and CEO of Yogi Bath and Beauty Collection by Vinies Ayurveda™ . Yogi caters to people with a busy lifestyle by offering time-efficient and natural beauty products that will keep you feeling uplifted and beautiful. Yogi offers innovative formulations which contain over 30 potent, and effective, hand-picked herbs and plant extracts chosen for their potency. Every step in the preparation of their products is done with appreciation for the enlightening properties that transform your hair and skin.

Vinie Kaur was born to a traditional family in India immersed in ancient wisdom and healing technology. Her parents, Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. and Bibiji Inderjit Kaur, Ph.D., raised Vinie in a home that integrated ancient Ayurvedic principles into nearly every aspect of their lives. Vinie learned from a young age the inherent healing and therapeutic benefits that are in natural herbs, aromas, and essential oils. Over her lifetime, Vinie has absorbed herself in the study of Ayurveda; she worked mindfully with her father and gained infinite knowledge of the secrets of Ayurveda. In her own journey Vinie believes that “What You Put On is What You Put Within.™”

Your dad was a big influence in your life. Can you tell us about one of your favorite memories?

One of my favorite memories is of my dad cooking. My dad LOVED herbs and spices and actually both of my parents were great cooks. My mom was a world renowned cook. They both looked at food as a healing supplement. When we were in Espanola, New Mexico, my dad would go into the kitchen, where there were hundreds of spices, to create an Ayurvedic meal. My dad opened this, then opened that, threw this in and threw that in, like the wit, wisdom and sorcery of a wizard. Food was always created in no less than an hour. We always had about 50 people around the house and they always knew when my dad was cooking, as it was always a feast! Everything was SPICY, we would all be sweating, we couldn't breathe, and my dad would say “Good for you! See, this is how it is supposed to be!” 

The aroma, the kitchen, the prana, its aliveness, the energy of happiness, and the healing always created a therapeutic meal. When my dad was cooking everyone would go into the kitchen and say, "Wow this is Yummy Food Time!" These were my favorite meals, such majestic moments. It brings tears to my eyes… such a beautiful time.

What was it that inspired you to create the Yogi Bath and Beauty Collection?

It was through my daily practice that I learned how herbs and oils possess inherent healing and many benefits. When I began to experience the pains of Fibromyalgia, and I turned to Ayurvedic compounds, healing herbs and essential oils for remedies and used them in my daily ritual. I soon began to discover the miraculous healing ways of these elements that are held in the wisdom of the plant kingdom. As I began to heal, I noticed that not only did the herbal medicines and oil applications relieve the pain associated with the illness, but my hair and skin also regained its healthy vibrancy.

As I regained my vitality, I began exploring the vast fountain of health and beauty secrets contained within these ancient, potent compounds of Ayurveda and I started to dive deeper into the knowledge of these healing herbs and oils. I started small by preparing formulations for myself and my family. I was developing a depth of knowledge and there was so much passion in my heart to share this wisdom.

Tell us about the Bhajan Body and Face Oil you created?

Bhajan Body and Face Oil was created from my desire to make one simple product with all of the herbs. Every product I make, I want it to be perfect. Coming up with names for our products is very important to me, we see it as once the name is given, the product has a destiny to be shared with the world. I named this body and face oil "Bhajan" because people who knew my father, can tell that this product has the same smell as him. Every time I see the bottle, I see love, and the aroma is so much like him. I had no intention to create it like that but it evolved by itself that way.

It contains both the vital energy of the plants and the positive energy from which it is created. The carefully selected plants are harvested at different times of the year to maximize their healing effects. The method of preparation combines dedication, love, and integrity with the purity of nature. The unique process of blending and brewing contributes to how well this oil delivers its therapeutic benefits.

How is the Bhajan Body Face and Oil created?

Firstly, premium quality plants are sourced and selected. In Ayurveda, a plant is regarded as containing five sections, each with medicinal value. Depending on the formula, between 1-5 parts of the plant are used, such as root, stem, leaf, flower and seeds. Then the plant is brewed for a number of hours. Over time moisture evaporates as the consistency of the plant changes, revealing the characteristic features of our oil and the radiant beauty that has been contained within it. Then it is bottled for your benefit.

The powerful Raja Restorative Hair Oil nourishes the scalp. Can you tell us how this deep scalp follicle hair treatment came into fruition?

Our products are for humankind and I saw a need for re-growing hair. Raja Restorative became the answer and acts as a scalp rejuvenator.

I find it fascinating that it takes many days to create the Raja Restorative, can you tell us a little bit more about the creation of this product?

It features bhringraj, known in India as the “King of Hair," and it is also known for its miraculous effects. It helps with common concerns like receding hairline, baldness, dryness, and dandruff. It improves blood circulation in the scalp which helps revitalize hair follicles and promotes accelerated hair growth.

It is made by blending extracts of the bhringraj plant in an oil, similar to coconut oil. And again, as with all of my products, follow the Ayurveda way, where combinations of oils are infused with a combination of herbs. It is placed in a gigantic (heat-resistant) copper pot, as pots made from copper are ideal heat conductors. All of the ingredients are added and then they are slow-cooked for days and periodically stirred with a copper utensil. This slow process assures that the benefit of each ingredient gets infused properly.

Do you have a favorite herb, spice or aroma? If yes, why is it your favorite?

I do not just have one favorite, I have many. I love mixing smells, four or five scents at a time. Triphala, this might be my favorite actually because it is one of the most potent herbal remedies, with amazing healing powers. I also love turmeric. This golden wonder is a favorite because of its wide spectrum of medicinal qualities. It is so powerful. And then there is jasmine, I love jasmine!

Would you like to share one ancient beauty secret of Ayurveda that has never before been shared with the world?

Rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin with herbs for skin nourishment. The most effective ancient beauty secret is to apply oil to the face and body.

Could you tell us about any future plans for Yogi Bath and Beauty Collection?

Yes, future plans include sharing new products, such as face masks, day and night creams, face and body toners, and much more! Click here to see what is coming soon.

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