The Yoga Expo LA 

The Yoga Expo LA 

By Nikita Mehta

Yogis! Last week SF Yoga attended The Yoga Expo LA at the Pasadena Convention Center and we were blown away at the power of this one day experience. Instead of doing a traditional wrap up piece, we will be dropping interviews from our favorite vendors and teachers for the next few weeks. To start the fun, we sat down with Kyle Michaud, the founder of The Yoga Expo! Read, enjoy, and start making your travel plans for The Yoga Expo LA 2019! 

The LA Yoga Expo was an amazing event this year! In total, how many participants and vendors did you have? 

Great question! We had over 9,000 attendees and 115+ vendors!

How did you find yoga? What was the initial inspiration for The Yoga Expo?

In 2015, I was awarded a scholarship for a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I was inspired by the practice and wanted to make it accessible to everyone. This year, we received over 230 applications from teachers around the world interested in sharing their gift. At the Yoga Expo, attendees are encouraged to try a new style, practice, and teacher.

The Yoga Expo isn’t the only festival that you run. Can you tell us about the VegFest and what people experience during that event?

That's correct! I also produce 2 of the largest vegan events in North America. The Tri-State VegFest is produced annually in Edison, NJ and the South Florida VegFest is produced annually in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The Yoga Expo… VegFest… there is more that you do. Tell us about your other brands and what you do as an entrepreneur. 

I am currently working on publishing a book on sustainability, a project that has been on-going for two and a half years. I also own a software company called and a Real Estate Company that currently does business in 27 US cities.

Why is sustainability something that we all need to be concerned about?

Sustainability is our future. Here is an excerpt from my new book: The Significance of Sustainability. (Available on Amazon February 2018)

“Most of the time, our actions are the result of our ignorance, such as our failure to understand the impact of using a disposable plastic spoon, instead of a reusable steel spoon. It is not that we are unaware or incapable of ways of leading more sustainable lives (previous generations have done so), but rather that current generations are being taught a lifestyle that encourages consumerism to a level that is destroying our planet. The faster a product reaches a trashcan, the sooner the consumer buys a new one. Manufacturers seldom reflect on the impact of creating waste that cannot be recycled.”

To stay in touch with the Yoga Expo LA visit and to learn more about Kyle Michaud visit:

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