How To Open Doors

How To Open Doors

Cover Photo by Ryan Baker

By Sarah Parienti

To worry is one of our biggest addictions because somehow, it creates within us a form of pleasure. Indeed, depending on our intention, as much as they can be positive or negative, we do have positive and negative pleasure. And it seems that we most likely spend more time feeling negative pleasure rather than positive pleasure. If we knew that we had the mental ability to stop hurting ourselves whenever we want, we would. The reason why we keep nurturing this anxiety is because at some point it became comfortable, and “safe” because it is  familiar. Somehow, it gives us the illusion to exist, to be seen. And beyond that, it is even a form of manipulation with the Universe. Being a victim is a mask, it covers a negotiation with God. We think that if we show the universe how much we suffer, we are going to be rewarded for our pain. This, in my sense, is coming from the collective beliefs of "NO PAIN, NO GAIN." "LIFE IS HARD," and all of these notions, which make us, feel bad.  This might have worked in the system we were before, but it can no longer serve anybody today. Why? Because we are changing, evolving is becoming a primary need of a human being. And we want a life of joy and ease!

How to liberate ourselves from this addiction of negativity and pain?

First, is to forget what we have learned. Let's consider that every belief system which creates negative emotions within us like guilt, pushing, worry, fears as our positive emotions like happiness, security and love come from outside of us. We need to change our belief around the idea that we need the other person to change, so we can feel better. Then there is the belief that we have to work hard to be successful or that we are never enough. These beliefs also need to shift. Basically this system nurtures the idea that we are powerless. Everything that we see is not finite and the world is not limited only by what we see! Many times, when we experience pain, this is coming from the gap between who we are and who we think we are with our distorted perception of ourselves, others and life itself.

When we are looking for change and wanting to feel better, let’s consider that knowledge is accessible toward the research of the "Truth." Based on quantum physics, neuroscience, Yogi tradition, and many others traditions, we understand that we are energy. The expert physician Barbara Brennan suggested that our energy existed even before our physical body. So, our physical body is the physical extension of our energy.

What is energy?

Energy is everything and everywhere. It is the force that creates life. We can measure it, feel it, and sense it by the vibrational frequency it has. Quantum Physics tells us that the vibration we are creating is responsible for everything outside of us: relationships, materials things, a new job, finances and dreams. And we also know that we have this unlimited power to create vibration by the way we feel!

THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER if we understand that we create our reality and that there is no limit! If everything is inside of you, you are free from slavery's image of you, being powerless! What I mean by slavery is the need to please others and to be approved. We no longer need as we create everything from within. When we create from within, we can only offer the best version of ourselves to others! 

We are all looking for the same thing: feeling good and experiencing the freedom to be authentic. Feeling Joy!

Joy is the highest state of being which creates the necessary vibration to attract what you want.

The real question here is, how can we experience Joy more often in a world so attached to the physical?

  1. Say “THANK YOU” for everything you have, don’t have and don’t understand. THANK YOU is the magic formula to have faith. When you cultivate true gratitude, you can change almost instantly how you feel. If you say thank you, you accept whatever life is offering you. Circumstances are no longer against you but for you. A potential reconciliation with life itself takes place. This opens your perception to a healthy perspective on life and healthy ways to deal with challenges.
  2. Ask yourself how you would like to see things and yourself in the future. I am aware of how liberating and good it feels to live in the now…but when I am feeling in a state of despair it is helpful to see the big picture and beyond what is now. Comparing yourself with other people’s lives is nurturing the negative pleasure. It is part of the human nature to see where the grass is greener. It is good to remind yourself that we all have a different path and gifts to offer in this world, having faith that your turn is coming in the perfect time is crucial.It brings you not only a reconciliation with the movement of your life but with yourself. Embrace yourself for all that you have and all that you don’t feel you have because everything is perfectly designed for you and for what you need. You wished to have the life of a super star bla bla bla…? Well, if you don’t have it, maybe you would not be happy. Trust it! Consider that things are perfect the way they are for your own good.
  3. Follow your Joy UNCONDITIONALLY! When I mention this concept, what comes to mind is the French expression: "Le Coeur a ses raisons que la raison ignore." Translation: “The heart has its reasons that reason ignores." The more you follow what makes your heart smile, the more you align yourself with what you truly want. From this place, you attract the right people in the right places. Inspiration comes more freely and you are more creative and playful. Everything seems to fall into place and you are not stuck in fear, instead, you experience TRUST and you see that life has been always your ally. This is when you reach the highest level of trust, which is certainty. This place where there is no doubt that everything is perfect for you. The more certainty you feel in your body, the more certainty you attract in your life. If you live, knowing that everything is for the best, even when you don’t understand it, then you are stronger. Can we be ok not knowing everything, loosing the idea that we do control our life?

Maybe the force of life, which creates nature (i.e. A beautiful Rose). Maybe nature knows better than our ego what is truly good for us. What if we give up our “illusionary control” and cooperate with life by letting it happens?  Just give it a try and witness the magic of life and see for yourself how everything naturally falls into place perfectly!

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