The Power Of Positive Intention In Water

The Power Of Positive Intention In Water

By Nikita Mehta

Tell me if this reminds you of 4th grade; it’s science project time, and for this particular occasion you have chosen to raise two potted plants, one that you lovingly raise reciting poetry and the other that you sneer at and send all your worst (elementary school) thoughts. We all did this project once in our lives. Maybe you didn’t do it as a science project like I did, maybe you saw the effects of this same transaction with your plants in your college dorm room or your first apartment. The plant that you nurtured and cared for and spoke to lovingly always seemed to thrive. As adults, as yogis, as practitioners of healthy eating and meditation, we understand the science behind positive affirmations and good vibrations.

Scientifically, water that has been placed next to high vibrational positive affirmations can create molecules with beautiful hexagonal shapes. This is the work of Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who believed that water was the “blueprint of our reality” and that our vibrations and intentions could shape the molecules of the water. Basically, he upgraded the science on all of our 4th grade science fair projects. Emoto’s conclusion was that the molecules of bad intentioned water was disorganized and fractionated, while the molecules of water that had received positive intention was beautiful and structured. Why should this matter to you? Because you are 60% water, my love. Positive intention changes you on a molecular level.

There is sacred geometry present in the molecular structure that water takes when influenced by good intention and these beautiful shapes have been captured by the work of two water visionaries, Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehame. These women started with the intention of raising the vibrational frequency of the planet and ended up creating a sticker to do just that. Meet the h2lifesticker! This is the first sticker that you can place on your water bottle to raise the vibration of your water and your life.

San Francisco Yoga Magazine sat down with these two visionaries to talk past life, inspiration and all things water.

You both had a life before the sticker, can you tell us about what you were doing before you decided to raise the vibration of the planet?

Melissa: I was a hairstylist specializing in organic hair color for about 15 years, then more recently moved into more into my passion of health and healing. I did a nutrition certification program and from there pregnancy coaching and lead workshops on pain free natural birth. I got really good at manifesting what I wanted to have show in my life, and from there came the birth of H2Life!!

Sarah: I developed brands, taught yoga and led a variety of spiritual workshops. My last retail product was a personal beauty mirror that empowered women to take care of their beauty and health in a conscious way. Last summer, I had a deeply transformative experience while traveling in Bali. There I discovered the true effects of positive energy on our cells and the enormous healing power of water. It was by no coincidence that Melissa and I came together immediately upon my return and started H2Life!! 

Where did the inspiration for high vibrational water bottle stickers come from?

Manifestation and intention. We are devoted to a high vibration lifestyle and have even been practicing the same type of energy healing for years. We studied the law of attraction and brain rewiring from experts such as Bob Proctor and Joe Dispenza, meditated frequently, traveled to potent energetic vortexes and watched documentaries about healing and water memory. Both of us had been simultaneously manifesting a product concept that would raise awareness on this very subject. We went to a deeply moving ceremony on the day of the solar eclipse and talked about our various concepts on the ride home. The words on water sticker turned into a much larger endeavor and slowly took precedence over the others. One was a mock 80’s workout YouTube channel that we almost went through too with just for kicks. We decided to leave that one on the back burner for the time being even though the outfits are ready to go!

Why is positive intention, especially for things that we ingest, so important in our day to day lives?

We tend to forget that EVERYTHING is energy, especially what we ingest. Just like our bodies, our food and drinks are primarily made of water. That water has memory and will take on the vibration of what you put into it. This is why the ritual of ‘blessing’ food is so important in many spiritual systems. The Ayurvedic teachings go so far as to discourage us from eating, drinking or cooking while feeling any kind of unpleasant emotion. It’s also why a dish made with love is so tasty and we just can’t explain why. Water lies at the root of all of this and a simple intention can make a tremendous impact on our lives. Our outside experiences perfectly mirror what is going on inside. The power of intention goes a long way.

Talk to us about the science behind water vibrations.

Dr Emoto spent years doing research on water, proving time and time again that water has memory. When positive intentions are placed on a water container, it shifts the molecular structure of the water. His studies included writing words on different containers of water and leaving them alone for days. After, he would freeze the water, and look at each one under a microscope. Repeatedly he discovered beautiful hexagonal shapes for the positive intentions and ugly asymmetrical crystals for the negative intentions. The human body is up to 75% water so what we think, say, eat and drink impacts us tremendously. His studies explain why the body is susceptible to illness under stress and why a positive mindset can truly support us in manifesting incredible things!

This is a new business! How has the process of starting a business and following your dreams changed you? 

Melissa: It has been such a natural process and everything has flowed beautifully. We attract the perfect people to help expand our mission daily and I am so grateful for it. I feel it has made me a better mom, wife, and person. I have become more gentle and loving to myself and more conscious about my thoughts every moment of the day.

Sarah: I feel blessed on a momentary basis and am more inspired than ever. This mission in particular feeds my heart and soul and is truly making me more joyful, connected and free. Creating something that is making positive change in the world is a gift and I am deeply grateful for it. 

Follow Sarah and Melissa on their quest to raise vibrations at , Facebook, or Instagram.

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