Thousands Of People To Do Yoga On The Beach At San Diego Yoga Festival In March

Thousands Of People To Do Yoga On The Beach At San Diego Yoga Festival In March


The San Diego Yoga Festival is an epic and life changing 4-day yoga festival happening on the beach in Imperial Beach, from March 9-12, 2018. This festival happening in the most South-Westerly part of the USA and is a holistic health party that aims to bring health, peace and wellness to its attendees and supporting community.

With non-stop yoga and holistic healing classes, held right on the beach, until sunset for four days straight, festival goers can look forward to unforgettable classes and healing experiences led by the top healers and teachers in Southern California: with offering virtually almost every style of yoga known to modern yogis, for beginners to yoga teachers, to fun holistic health experiences.

The main part of the festival is Saturday and Sunday, March 10th and 11th and will have thousands of people celebrating health together featuring:

● Calming and relaxing yoga and meditation classes

● Fun and energetic yoga classes with live DJS or live music

● Beginner friendly and advanced yoga classes in many different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa,

● Kundalini, Bowspring, Shakti Naam, Acro-Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Partner Yoga

● Workshops on various holistic topics including plant medicine and fermentation/gut health

● Surf Lessons

● Meditation Beach Walks to the USA-Mexico Border

● A Spanish-English Yoga class

● Yoga for Cancer Survivors and Fighters

● Yoga on Skateboards

● Reiki, massage and acupuncture on the beach

● Yoga for the military and first responders

● Yoga for Recovery and Addictions

● An interactive vending center with live music and epic products from local vendors

● Yoga with the mayor

● Yummy, healthy food vendors

● Yoga-inspired sand castles

● A yoga class on balance for those 50 and older

● A kid and family yoga center

● Yoga classes and Reiki sessions for your dogs and cats

● Pre- and Post-conferences led by master teachers on Friday and Monday

This festival will even feature one of the oldest (92) yoga teachers in the world!

Military, First Responders, and Kids get a donation-based ticket. Attendees can buy 1-class, daily , or weekend passes to the event.

People from throughout the world will be flying in for this festival and many locals are making it a “Namaste-cation” and staying for four days. Come early or stay a day after for a special pre or post conference led by master teachers: only 75 tickets will be sold to these specialized classes.

Review the schedule, meet the teachers or purchase your ticket:

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