Understanding Exorcism Today: Do Spirits Play A Role In Addiction? 

Understanding Exorcism Today: Do Spirits Play A Role In Addiction? 

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Wanda Pratnicka, PhD has a unique ability to diagnose and remove spirit entities, aka ghosts, from people remotely; no matter where a person is located. Pratnicka is a unique healer and has written several books. We were thrilled to have an interview with her!

In your book “Possessed by Ghosts” you talk about negative energies? What do you mean by negative energies? 

I mean, spirits of people who lost their physical bodies, but they haven’t decided to pass from physicality to the Light. When such a spirit connects with a living person, this spirit infuses the living person with very strong negative emotions, which come from the world it exists in, such as:  Irritation, fury, hatred, fear, but also the spirits, own instincts, desires, urges and/or passions.

How does this happen, that spirits don’t pass from the living world to the Light, and what death is like?

Death, is like leaving a physical body by a spirit, in exactly the same way, everyone of us leaves our old, worn clothes. A spirit, leaves a body because it can’t learn anything constructive through it anymore. It passes then, to an astral body, which is an accurate copy of its physical body, and lives in the astral world.

Spirits, don’t go into the light for many reasons, mainly because they are too attached to the physical world or to their addictions. The second main reason is, the loved ones who are in mourning, who won’t let go, calling to the spirit: “Stay, don’t go, I cannot live without you.”  When a spirit doesn’t transition into the light, it starts influencing the living people around it, projecting very strong negative emotions onto them, which come from the collective negative (irritation, anger, fury, hatred, fear but also instincts, desires and passions) accumulation of mankind.

What happens while dying?

Natural death, resembles in a way, an experience of a dream. The difference is, that in a dream, we stay connected with our body by a silver thread, but in death, that thread is cut. At death, the dying person watches their whole life, as a film in a slow motion. They begin to understand, why things in their life went the way they did.  They begin to understand, the cause and effect, of everything that happened to them.

While we are alive, we often ask ourselves why things happen to us. While dying, we can understand it on the spirit level. This is why, it is so important to keep calm and not to disturb the dying person in passing into a new dimension.

How does a spirit pass to an astral body after death?

Most people are not aware of the fact, that besides their physical body, they simultaneously use other subtle bodies such as: the astral, mental and causal bodies. This is one of the main reasons why, they are so frightened to pass into the astral body, because they believe the physical body is all there is.  That is why so many people fear death, and try to keep their physical body at all costs, since they believe the physical body is all they’ve got. Nevertheless, we don’t pass to our astral bodies while dying, since we have already been living in it. In other words, the astral body is our emotional body. We use our physical bodies while awake, and our astral body while sleeping, or anytime we feel emotions.  If, people understood this, they would become free of a huge burden, which is their fear of death that they are constantly carrying with them. Fear of death, is also fear of living. 

Is astral body the same as emotional body?

The astral body, is a seat of our emotions. Every person, has got an astral body and constantly uses it. The quality of our life, depends on our emotional condition, whether we control our emotional condition or it controls us. Controlling our emotions, we become masters of ourselves and become confident. A person, who doesn’t control their astral body, is leaving things up to chance, they are a slave of their emotional body. This causes much distress – such a person doesn’t control death either and they easily attract spirits. 

Are ghosts the cause of addictions?

If, a person is addicted to anything while living, death doesn’t liberate them. Such a spirit, is not able to pass further into Light, since this spirit is too attached to physical things. The desire to satisfy their addiction becomes stronger, after the loss of the physical body, because it cannot experience the addiction in the astral body. This is the case with alcoholism, since alcohol is a physical substance, and a spirit abides on a level of a different vibration, not physical, but in the astral body. To satisfy the need for alcohol, this spirit must find another living person, in a physical body, who is apt to drink alcohol. Only such a person, will let the ghost come closer to “drink” from the living person’s drunkenness. A ghost, would never come close, nor manipulate a living person, who has their emotions under control. A person, who is a slave of their emotional body however, is easy to manipulate, since they react automatically to some emotions that a ghost is able to generate intensely. We are talking exclusively of negative emotions here, such as greed, irritation, anger, fear, etc. Even, if an addict doesn’t have ghosts at the beginning, ghosts will join that addicted person sooner or later. It can happen, that a person who was not prone to addictions, but they stopped a spirit of a dear person from passing onto the light, and that particular person was alcoholic, then that person could suddenly become an alcoholic themselves.

How do we know if a desire for addiction comes from a person or a ghost?

If, such a desire is not too intense, it most likely comes from the person themselves. If, however, the desire is strong or very strong and a person is not able to resist it, it most likely comes from a ghost. Whenever, somebody on this planet feels like drinking alcohol or taking drugs, the energy of his desire adds to a collective astral zone named “Covetousness.” The same happens when we get irritated or angry – these energies accumulate in the astral world. If, we multiply the number of people who feel these negative emotions every day, throughout the history of mankind, we can only imagine how strong these energies are and how intense these ghosts who are totally connected to them. This means, that a ghost always comes with a very strong desire or anger. To a person with ghosts attached, it is not so easy to see or sense they have a ghost attached to them.  It is usually much easier for someone on the outside who knows the possessed person, since the possessed person is influenced by a ghost. This is why, it is most often the friends and relatives, of a possessed person that seek help for them. Possession, and an addiction connected to possession, is obviously easier to recognize when a person wasn’t an addict before. A ghost, changes character, habits and sometimes even the looks of a person. The possessed one suffers because of it – they feel sick, get headaches, and can have a hosts of problems with their stomach, inability to control their thoughts, feels constantly cold, has got problems with sight and hearing, difficulty to concentrate and to make decisions. In time, they can get seriously ill, physically or mentally, and no therapy nor drugs can help them.

Is it possible to break free from a ghost on one’s own?

I haven’t heard of such a case. Only people that are possessed come to me, because they cannot do anything about it. Sometimes, it is their friends or relatives who ask for help for them. To break free, from a ghost on our own, is possible only when it hasn’t come to possession yet, when a ghost is just trying to enter a person, and manipulate them. When possessed, a person needs cleansing or, traditionally saying – an exorcism. However, in order for my help to be permanent, about 15 percent of my clients, need to do work on themselves too. My assistants, that the possessed persons are in contact with by mail or by phone, teach them how to do it, and the person has got a good amount of time to work on themselves, as I offer cleansing at a distance, which offers a very long cleansing period lasting up to three months. The person possessed, needs to work, in the meantime, on their anger, and other negative emotions (towards themselves or others). Then, they need to initiate the process of forgiving, which is not always easy. Most people, don’t want to forgive, for they wrongly believe, many times, they are doing it for other people, while in truth, they do it for themselves exclusively. These other people, or our so called enemies, don’t need to know anything about it.

Does leading the spirits away, or the exorcism, differ from the exorcism performed by Church?

I call my help exorcisms, because it is the same service. However, the way I do it is completely different from what priests do. I have practiced it for 45 years by now. At the beginning, when I began doing exorcisms many years ago, there were almost no exorcists in catholic church, in Europe or anywhere all over the world. My help, is leading ghosts away, and priests do exactly the same, though they call ghosts, devils or evil spirits. The next step, in my therapy, is psychotherapy offered both to ghosts and the possessed. The whole process, as I said before, takes up to three months. During this time, I liberate the possessed person from ghosts many times a day. My assistants, being in touch with me all the time, instruct the client by email or by phone. A ghost, must understand its condition and want to leave, while a person possessed must let it go. It is not easy sometimes, since the ghost is often a spirit of a very dear person – the late grandfather, mother or some other relative. A living person, doesn’t want to be possessed, because on one hand, it causes them suffering, but on a subconscious level, it is difficult for them to part with a spirit of a loved one. I would like to add, that I very often help people addicted. The most problematic area is alcoholism, since drinking alcohol is a part of the culture and lifestyle promoted by media.

Could you say a few words about co-addiction, meaning people living in relations with addicts?

The problem with addiction, and co-addiction, has got the same dynamics. The person addicted, has submitted directly, or indirectly, to the will of ghosts. While co-addiction organizes whole lives around an addict. Instead of thinking of themselves, and their own needs, such a person (the co-addicted person) almost obsessively focuses their thoughts, feelings and activity on the addict. The person addicted, does the same concerning their own addiction. This causes both sides to begin to totally give up their identities, losing control of their lives. They do it out of fear, and we know, that we attract what we fear the most. So, the person co-addicted, instead of trying to control and instruct the addict in order to correct their behavior, should leave them alone. Instead of fearing that the addict would come back late and start shouting, the person co-addicted, should have trust and imaging themselves in a loving relationship with the addict, imagining peace in their house and the addict coming back home sober. One positive thought of this kind, can neutralize many negative thoughts coming from ghosts or other addicts. Such practices as this, need to become habitual of course, one cannot expect that this method will work the first time they try it, however, first results become visible after a short time. Not even understanding why, the addict will respect the positive thoughts, and coming back home drunk, they would go straight to bed, not destroy the peace and quiet ordered by the co-addict. I often get calls from people co-addicted, who ask me to help the addicts. Together, with cleansing the addict, I support also the co-addict, instructing him or her and helping them to understand how they attracted a person addicted, why they wanted to suffer in such a relationship, and how they can reprogram themselves.  For we are the creators of our lives, we attracted everything we have, from a subconscious level. We just need to understand our subconscious programming to change it constructively. The person, co-addicted, can obviously be possessed themselves, and ghosts can intensify this internal conflict, so they can recognize they have a ghost as well and find the motivation themselves to change.

How can we protect ourselves from ghosts influencing us?

A person living in accordance with nature is protected, so we don’t need to be afraid of ghosts, nor seek to hide from them, since ghosts and people live on different vibrational levels.  A person lowers down their vibrations to the level of ghosts, when they allow themselves to feel negative emotions for long periods of time, emotions such as: fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, revenge, pity, depression, becoming a workaholic or sex-addict, addictions of gambling or computer games, when they lose self-awareness, fall into despair after the loss of dear ones or losses of money, when they open up too much to visiting a fortune teller, meditating with others or taking part in séances. A person who wants to be free from ghosts, needs to stay self-conscious to not get addicted and to work on staying free from negative emotions.

I understand, that problems with ghosts are rather common. If you take the ghosts from a person possessed, will new ones come?

It’s true that ghosts are everywhere. A person, who begins to realize this problem however builds a distance between themselves and ghosts. The ghosts, can come back after I lead them away, and new ones can come to the person once possessed too. However, my statistics show, from the work that I have been doing for many years, to be very optimistic. In 85 percent of cases, a person possessed, doesn’t need to work on themselves, since the decision of not letting a ghost in, is up to their subconsciousness that has learned how much suffering a ghost can cause. Only 15 percent of my clients, need to work on it, on a conscious level. This is why, as I mentioned before, I work with a client for a good amount of time – up to three months. The client raises their consciousness, and begin to understand, that they were not the victim of ghosts, but rather, that they attracted the ghost themselves. Everyone, is different of course, and there are many causes of possession, but it is generally negative emotions, lack of forgiveness, feelings of guilt, addictions, and not allowing people who passed away to move on. Looking at it from a broader perspective, one could say that ghosts truly help people, since they intensify their negative inclinations, and in a way help us to notice them. A person gets stronger motivation to break free from their own negativity. Many people, however, prefer to suffer rather than to change. Yet, this is a moment when I come in, and lead them through a process of becoming aware of all this. I make it easier for the person, showing them other options, the possibility of deciding to change for the better.

To learn more about Wanda Pratnicka, PhD, visit wandapratnicka.com.

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