We Are All Connected. Always!

We Are All Connected. Always!

Cover Photo By Mirta Yoga Photography

By Ema Barba

Can touch heal our hearts and bring us closer together? How? We asked Juan Carlos Russo, at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. His class, Thai Massage & Yoga session, was one of our favorites. 

We entered the room and tried to find our place in space. Soon, we were all brought closer together and Juan Carlos starts talking about the power of touch. “In order to touch, we need the permission of the other. In Thai Massage, we learn the power of touching the other with intention and with permission. We learn that touch is healing.” We experienced that right away – in pairs, we were guided to use our intuition and scan each other’s bodies to see where healing was needed. My partner’s hand reaches for my heart space. The experience was more emotional than I expected, so I needed to know more.

I found out that Juan Carlos did his first Thai Massage in 2007. This was after he broke his spine during paragliding, falling from 30 meters. After his accident, he started doing Iyengar Yoga – and got his certification as an Iyengar teacher. As he began this healing path, he also discovered osteopathy and Thai Massage. I had the incredible honor of speaking with Juan Carlos, here is what he had to say...

Do you think there’s a need for more touch in the world?

Definitely – depends on the touch and the intention of the touch. People need more hugs to really connect with their own hearts. Using touch you can generate many hormones that help you connect with yourself and generate a good feeling internally. With more touch, with a clear intention and more unconditional love I think the world would be better.

Why do you think people started caring so much about their own personal space?

I think people are trying to build power and separation. The more you connect with yourself and you make it more about you, the more you separate yourself from the other person. The more you think you are your mind and your body, the more you stay away from the other person. The more you connect with your soul and you see yourself in the other person, the more you feel connected. And you start treating the person the way you would like to be treated.

Quantum physics has proven that we’re all connected. We’re all part of the same.

There are some people who have blockages – they would like to open up, but just can’t. What suggestions do you have, to help people start to open up?

I definitely recommend some specific therapy - like cranio-sacral therapy. People will receive a very light touch and maybe that will help the person start healing. When people get away it’s because they have usually had some sort of trauma. 

Do you think it’s possible to give without sacrificing oneself?

Definitely. When we’re giving, we are channeling something. We’re not healing the person, we are just facilitating something. At the end, that’s the beauty of everything. You channel. Maybe you sacrifice a little bit of time… but you get it back as energy. When you do a massage from a really good place, you become energized.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

I totally recommend people got get any kind of body work. Body works connect you with the giving and the receiving aspects of life. Thai massage, Acro-Yoga, contact dance, or body work in the water. Go beyond just sports Yoga. I recommend people find themselves as a human being, connected with other human beings. Connect with your heart and act from that place.

To learn more about Juan Carlos Russo, visit yogaevents.wixsite.com/juancarlosrusso or follow him on Facebook

Learn more about the Barcelona Yoga Conference at barcelonayogaconference.cat and get your early bird tickets here!



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