Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Andrea Bogart

Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Andrea Bogart

Name: Andrea Bogart

Practice with me at:

  • Yoga Community— Saturdays 9AM-10:15 for Level 2/3 Vinyasa Flow

  • Sonoma Fit— Wednesdays 9AM-10AM Level 2/3 Vinyasa Flow

  • Once a month Sunday event at Cornerstone Sonoma’s Garden Barn with live musician, view my website for upcoming details.

How long I’ve been practicing yoga: A little over 10 years and plan to be a student of it’s lessons for the rest of my time.

How long I’ve been teaching yoga: Since 2012 in Los Angeles and began teaching in Sonoma when we landed here in the summer of 2017. I’ve been a guest teacher at several studios in the US and most recently internationally in Doha, Qatar.

What kind of yoga I teach: My class style is uplifting, empowering and fun flowing, blending my love for music and movement into mindful, safe sequencing as a vinyasa flow style. My private, small group or corporate style is catered to the students preferences. Nurturing any ailments, recovery or specific needs while curating a practice suited just for them.

My mantra these days: I am courageous and joyful as I trust the process of life to serve my highest good.

A posture or kriya that has been resonating with me lately is: Malasana or Garland Pose- the idea of squatting regularly is kind of lost in western culture as we spend so much time in cars and chairs and often our daily activities don’t drop us into this deep hip opening squat. With all it’s many benefit’s I’d encourage anyone to work their way toward doing this daily. Right now I’m the perfect height in Malasana to talk with my nineteen-month-old daughter and find it beautifully calming, strengthening and grounding to sit in it— she’s pretty funny too, so it add’s some humor.

How I like to practice yoga off the mat: I gratefully feel my yoga practice in everything I do. Today, most significantly, as a parent. Through being more aware and with that awareness making mindful choices for myself and together as a family I embrace using what I learn about myself on my mat to weave into the fabric of our daily lives and activities.

My sign: I’m a gemini.

The last book I read was: How Yoga Works by Michael Roach (it’s one of my all time favorites now)!

Favorite local juice/tea spot: Sonoma could use a well crafted juice and tea spot to be truthful. I snag juices from the Urban Remedy cooler at Whole Foods since they are organic and tasty.

Where I go for a nourishing meal: I love Sunflower Cafe, they use all organic, local ingredients and change dishes with what’s in season. We love the staff too and it’s right in down town Sonoma, close to us.

What’s on your yoga playlist right now: I’m such a music lover and believe it can be a stunning part of a thoughtful flow. I have at least 100 playlists on Spotify and change things up pretty often if you want to follow me. A few making the top of my list are:

1. Norway |Lambert

2. Find Your Center |Trevor Hall, East For

3. You Say |Lauren Daigle

4. Nevermind |Dennis Lloyd

5. Beads On The Wind |The Human Experience

6. Almost |Hozier

7. Strongest Medicine |Kevin Paris, Casey Kalmenson

8. Kerala |Bonobo

9. Dancing in the Moonlight |Jubel, Neimy

10. Makambo |Geoffrey Oryema

11. Ong Namo |Snatam Kaur

A few of my favorite yoga teachers are: Andrea Marcum, Jake Ferree, Joe Komar, Sarah Ezrin and Erika Trice.

A ritual I love: Waking up and taking 3 deep breaths and doing a few stretches in bed with my toddler & hubby, then reading from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo daily.

What I am letting go of this year: Unnecessary complaining, which means, 99% of complaining. It doesn’t move anything forward.

What I am embracing this year: An openness to flow deeper into what’s working, specifically in my writing and nurturing intellectual growth with my passions; mindfulness, motherhood, yoga, nutrition.

My website: &

My instagram: @andreabogart.

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