Full Moon In Libra + The Spring Equinox

Full Moon In Libra + The Spring Equinox

Cover Photo By Never Krcmarek 

By Dana Damara

The fifth and final of FIVE CONSECUTIVE Full Moons at  lights up on March 20th, the same day as the Spring Equinox and. Not only that but this is the first of two Full Moons in Libra …a super rare occurrence but not surprising. 

Since the Moon is full in Libra, that means the Sun will be opposite, in Aries. The idea of new beginnings is more enhanced, where anything can happen! Be prepared to reboot your life and not just in one portion, allow for everything to shift and trust the adventure is leading you to something that is aligned with your destiny.  

When things shift, our reaction is to grasp, but we mustn’t right now. We must allow, trust, and do our best to observe from a higher place of knowing. The shifts will happen in all aspects of your life but potentially, you will feel it most in intimate relationships. Why? Because it’s Libra and Aries that hold the Moon and Sun, and Mars sitting in Taurus is squaring Venus, sitting in Aquarius.  

It’s a bit of a dance, this energy but if you can pause, see things from a higher perspective and allow the energy to have it’s way with you, you can come out on the other side with brand new values, and a brand new way of living your life. Remember that Libra wants harmony – and you cannot know it all. The Universe seeks harmony - allow the Universe to show you the unfolding process and get of your own way with this one.  

Here’s the deal, fear creates more fear, creates gripping, creates an outcome based on your mind. If you allow the unfolding to guide you, to usher you, and base all your choices on Universal alignment, giving it up to the Divine, you will experience peace, harmony and contentment.  

Libra rules the 7th house in astrology of intimate relationships, so you will be focusing closely on close relationships during the next couple of months. Notice these relationships with a deep reverence and insight. Relationships are a reflection into your own soul’s whisper. They reflect backward and forward…remember that. Notice where you are projecting or carrying others energy (or old energy).  

Where is this person mirroring your own internal conflict or ask yourself if you have outgrown the relationship. This is Libra. Welcome to the Libra Full Moon 

The other little things happening affecting this Full Moon:

  • Sun conjunct Chiron creates openings for deep healing and liberation. This is huge, huge if you are open to the unfolding. Again, please let go. 

  • Mars trine Pluto which ignites your leadership abilities.  

  • Mercury Retrograde sextile Saturn is a positive aspect for communication. Stay in the heart and energy of love; move with patience.

  • Moon is quincunx Uranus which blasts new ideas through your consciousness offering up epic ideas and powerful creative opportunities.  

This is a powerful full moon lovelies! One for the books. If you’ve been feeling a bit awry or things are shifting, great, you are on the right track. Stay close to your heart, your practice and your tribe. Don’t run and hide, sit in it all and release the old. The Universe knows way more than you do.

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