Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Nat Kendall

Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Nat Kendall

Name: Nat Kendall

Practice with me at: Yoga Tree Castro and Stanyan & The Pad.

How long I’ve been practicing yoga: 11+ years

How long I’ve been teaching yoga: I'm not sure on the years, but I've been sharing any bits of the wisdom I've received from the teachings for a long time. However, it feels like day 'ONE' every time I step into a studio to "teach."

What kind of yoga I teach: There are so many varieties and flavors, everybody wants to label it this and that. I share various practices and tools from many different lineages of yoga with an emphasis on breath, mind-stuff awareness, postures and at the heart of it all... awakening to a deeper relationship with the BIG picture of Life. 

My mantra these days: Gratitude is the way home to the heart. Grateful I'm still here amongst it all.

A posture that has been resonating with me lately is: utthita trikonasana || extended triangle. Such a full expression of life.

How I like to practice yoga off the mat: Simply showing up fully with all that is presented to me; parking tickets, good friends, love, loss, celebration, despair. My yoga is not pushing life's unwanted challenges away, nor needing to obtain anything else that is not readily offered. It's all perfect as is and I just try to keep my mind clear so I don't miss a moment of this journey.

The last book I read was: The last notable read was "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawande. This was a referral by Judith Hanson Lasater. It's the absolute worst book that everyone should read. If you don't have gratitude for the life you're still blessed to be living, then this book will shake you up to the realities of being human and you may decide to live a little more fully right now.

Favorite local juice/tea spot: Beloved Cafe.

Where I go for a nourishing meal: Ananda Fuara. The most nourishing vegetarian meals around.

What’s on your yoga playlist right now: Check out the Paris Sessions from The Touré-Raichel Collective. Mesmerizing.

A ritual I love: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa every single day.

What I am letting go of this year: The need to get/obtain/acquire or BE anything more.

What I am embracing this year: Simplicity and ease.

My website:

My instagram: @natkendallyoga.

Also check out Nat's Facebook page for videos sharing mantras and their meanings.

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