Meditation: Strengthen Your Aura With Your Life Force And Earth Healing Energy

Meditation: Strengthen Your Aura With Your Life Force And Earth Healing Energy

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“Intuition is a natural human sense, along with taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. To develop your intuition, requires that you pay attention to the language of intuition. The practice of Intuition Medicine is an energy art and a daily life skill. Developing this language as a practical skill requires that you listen to your quiet inner voice and sense the subtle cues of your intuition sense. This sixth sense, with practice, will be the door that opens you up to a rich source of your innate wisdom.” - Francesca McCartney

Are you wanting to access your intuition on a deeper lever, heal yourself, grow and expand your creativity and be in a more loving relationship with yourself?

If so, the meditation below led by Francesca McCartney, founder of the Academy of Intuition Medicine, is a perfect place begin. This meditation has a profound healing effect on the body, mind and spirit. In addition, it heightens your intuition and when you start to trust your intuition, you start to recognize the abundance of information it offers. With focus and practice, your intuition will be your most utilized sense of your six senses..

To get the most out of the meditation, we wanted to share some information with you about your aura, your life force and earth energy.

Aura: The electromagnetic field around your body.

Your aura is a multi purpose energy anatomy system. Your personal space does not end at your skin, but continues to the end of your energy skin, which is your aura. Walking around with a diminished aura, can be a cause of illness. Your aura acts as an energy filter between you and the rest of the world. It also functions as an energy boundary, which protects and sustains the integrity of your personal energy field. A healthy aura is a full cocoon of bright energy around your body in the shape of an egg or balloon. It acts as a discretionary filter for you and the world around you.

The boundary of your aura is where you detect incoming messages, both positive and negative. When your aura is in a positive state, filled with your personal healing current, similar positive energies will be able to enter. Negative energies, or energies vibrating at a lower frequency will be grounded off and neutrally displaced into the magnetic field of the earth. The aura acts like a lightning rod, bouncing off all things that are not in harmony with your personal energy.

Your aura expands around your body in concentric circles of light energy. It is formed from the radio waves emitted from your 7 major chakras. It can be detected by color, shapes, density, frequency, sound, tone, temperature, light, darkness or lack of any of these patterns. As a whole, the energy in your aura is a diagnostic picture of your body, mind and spirit.

Life-Force Energy: Your personal signature energy.

Life-force energy is your personal signature energy. It is unique to you and only you, like a finger print it identifies you from everyone else. It is your personal spiritual fingerprint. Your life-force is your presence, it is your identification energy. It is the unique feeling of who you are versus everyone else. As a unique spirit in a body, we are healthiest when our physical body and energy systems are filled to capacity with our personal life-force current, and it can flow unimpeded throughout our grounding aura, chakras and physical systems. This is the ideal intuition model.

Your life-force healing energy is always there…what changes in the quantity and quality.

Earth Healing Energy.

When you are in your body, and grounded to the earth, you are naturally accessing earth healing energy. All living things are bathed in the rhythmic pulsation of the earths natural frequency (7.83 cycles per second), also known as the "‘brain wave of the planet.” When you are exposed to artificial electromagnetic signals, this electromagnetic pollution masks the natural and beneficial pulse. With intention and focus, you can intuitively access a stronger frequency of earth healing energy, and bring your system back into it’s natural frequency.

Benefits of this Meditation:

  • Gives you the ability to maintain a healthy body and state of mind.

  • Strengthens your immune system.

  • Minor ailments may disappear.

  • Cyclical illness may not occur, or are greatly diminished.

  • Recognition of your personal state of energy and health.

  • You will be able to maintain a positive energy field around your body.

  • Heightened sense of intuition.

  • Personal and spiritual growth will be stimulated.

  • A heightened sense of your body, mind and spirit connection.

  • You will be able to feel a sense of being centered, when chaos surrounds you.

  • Emotional grounding.

  • Find joy in the present moment.

  • You will notice an abundance in the love of yourself and others.

When the origin of an illness is caused by energy, you can use this meditation to heal the problem. Some of the most common energy based problems are headaches, sadness, depression, anxiety, pains located around chakras, migraines, vision problems, stomach aches, infrequent or lack of menses, and bloating.

When we use Life-Force and Earth Healing Energy in meditation, it has a profound healing effect on our mind, body and spirit, leading us to a higher state of health. Listen to the meditation below to begin your healing!

Learn more about Intuition Medicine HERE.

Francesca McCartney's PhD is in Energy Medicine & Intuition Medicine®. Since 1976, Dr. McCartney has worked in the field of intuition as a Medical Intuitive in an integrative medical clinic, spiritual counselor, author and educator. In 1984 founded the Academy of Intuition Medicine® the only California licensed vocational program in Energy Medicine. In 2017 launched Academy of Intuition Medicine® Online a fully distance school offering certificates in Energy Medicine.

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