The New Moon: Monday, June 3, 2019, at 12° Gemini, At 3:01 am PST

The New Moon: Monday, June 3, 2019, at 12° Gemini, At 3:01 am PST

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By Dana Damara

The New Moon makes no major planetary aspects. However, don’t think for a second that it’s not powerful. There are some minor planetary aspects that are in the works. In fact, I can only say one thing…BE AWARE!

Okay, maybe I can say a few things. Everything is shifting, and while it may feel uncomfortable, I’m telling’s all Divine. Divine Play. Divine Reorganization.



Gemini is a breath of fresh air, but Gemini likes change and can be a bit indecisive, fast-moving, and very airy-fairy! Thankfully, Gemini is also full of inspiration and innovation, so there is still some hope. With this New Moon, plant that seed of deep connection to your “Soul-ar power,” but be patient because Gemini is going to whisk you through anything that is out of alignment with your soul’s calling.

You’ll begin moving through a portal of change on your way to the proverbial “other side,” and the comfort of this ride will depend on how far off your game you are. My advice…BE PATIENT!

For how long, you ask?

Well, seeing that we are heading into Eclipse Season, maybe six months or so. Don’t worry, Jupiter is almost opposite this New Moon, inviting in optimistic thoughts and potential for amazing opportunities. Stay out of the monkey mind that clouds things with old patterns and stagnant ways of being.   

What you are going through (working through, floating through, navigating through) is perfect...I promise. It just may not seem that way. And with Jupiter and Neptune squaring for the second time (of three times) this year, you are bound to be confused. Be cautious not to take on too much or trust too many people. The Full Moon on June 17th is going to exemplify this aspect. Stay strong and focused. Use all your tools. Again…BE AWARE!

Set some boundaries, listen intently, and watch from a distance. This is going to be a bit challenging with Venus trine Pluto. This aspect, as minor as it is, increases your desire to give and/or receive love and affection. Passion has the potential to override rational thinking, creating intensity in intimate relationships. This can be a good thing if it’s moving you toward joy and fulfillment. Not so much if it’s laced with deceit or lies.  




Passionate feelings of love can attract infinite beauty, love, and abundance. Sensuality oozes in all directions if there is truth. If you are misfiring or are misaligned, it will blow up. Don’t be sloppy, and don’t search for it. You being you will magnetize what is right and what is real.  

Remember Neptune and Jupiter - it could create a fantasy. Sit and feel into it all, and then pull the bow on the arrow.

Mercury is opposite Jupiter, so communication is important. How you speak, what you say, who you say it to...all of these things are of deep value. There is a new contract coming up individually and collectively. It’s time to change the purpose of your life and bring it more into balance with your Soul’s calling.

Venus trine Saturn, but Saturn sextile Neptune. Sensibility, productivity, and strategic planning will yield epic results. What is in the works now is for the long term IF it’s in truth. Your perceived limitations are very apparent now, but you have what it takes to overcome them. Remember, new contract, new ideas, new life. Use your Spiritual Ninja tools and be patient. You don’t know it all, but trust me, you are on the edge of something epic.  


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