Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Amanda Giacomini

Bay Area Yoga Teacher Highlight: Amanda Giacomini

 Amanda Giacomini, aka 10,000 Buddhas

Practice with me at: Point Reyes Yoga in Point Reyes, CA

How long I’ve been practicing yoga:

 26 years

How long I’ve been teaching yoga:

 19 years

What kind of yoga I teach:

 Gentle & Yin

My mantra these days:

 My mantra these days is “go slowly and choose wisely.” There is a wonderful teaching from the Dhammapada that inspires me. It says, “It is better to live one day virtuous and meditative than a hundred years immoral and uncontrolled.”

A posture that has been resonating with me lately is:

 Pretty much any heart opener. I particularly love to melt over blocks, with one block behind the heart and one behind the head.

How I like to practice yoga off the mat: Painting Buddhas is my off-the-mat meditation.

Favorite way to celebrate the season: Gathering flowers and sharing meals with family and friends.

My sign:

 Virgo sun, Virgo moon, and Scorpio rising to mix it up!

The last book I read was:

 Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory. I love historical fiction. Before that, I read Circe and Song of Achilles, both by Madeline Miller.

Where I go for a nourishing meal:

 Lunchette in Petaluma for a grain bowl or Uchiwa in San Rafael for ramen.

What’s on my yoga playlist right now:

 I’m loving MC YOGI’s new single “Golden State of Mind.” I put it on every time I need an energy boost.

A few of my favorite yoga teachers are:

 MC YOGI, Sianna Sherman, Janet Stone, Peggy Orr, Sharon Gannon, and Rod Stryker.

A ritual I love:

 I am a huge fan of ritual baths. I feel as though I can get through any challenge if there is a reward of a long, goddess-style bath at the end of it.

What I am letting go of this year:

 Coffee! Yikes, did I say that out loud?

What I am embracing this year: Cultivating balance between effort and ease.

My website:

My instagram: @10000buddhas

Join Us At The Sattva Summit In India This November!

Join Us At The Sattva Summit In India This November!

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