Sun Valley Wellness Festival Shines A Light On Quantum Physics And Our Ability To Heal Ourselves

Sun Valley Wellness Festival Shines A Light On Quantum Physics And Our Ability To Heal Ourselves

By Julie Fustanio Kling

This year’s Sun Valley Wellness Festival & Conference took us to the quantum field and back with information about our brain circuitry and the technology that is shaping it, for better or worse. The fact that we are not our genes, that we have a pharmacy in our brains and that can heal ourselves blew my mind. 

The intuitive energy readings, sound bath meditations and free massages in the main hall were the selfish part of the festival. But the programming, jam packed with practical advice to share with our loved ones, was something that I wanted to bottle. Here’s just a taste: 

Joe Dispenza taught us to rewire our brains to think differently with compassionate intention

●     We are victims to an environment that is a subconscious program. 

●     If you aren’t in the internal present moment, you are in a program. 

●     The best way to predict the future is not from the known, but from the unknown...the void is the perfect place to create from.

●     Waiting for something to take away lack is cause and effect. 

●     Quantum reality is about causing affect.

●     Quantum research shows you can change the brain by thinking differently.

Roshi Joan Halifax made a very important distinction between Compassion and Empathy 

●     Compassion is a moral imperative. 

●     It takes discernment not to fall into reaction. 

●     Understanding fuels compassion. 

●     Empathy that is not regulated can become distress. 

●     It’s important to directly connect and sit with empathy. 

●     It’s important to puncture the bubble of empathy.

●     How we sit when we meditate matters. Strong back, soft front. A strong back is a metaphor for the internal state of equanimity - our ability to care for all beings equally. A soft front allows us to be radically compassionate. 

●     Attention is essential for us if we want to actualize compassion. 

Dr. Steven Gundry dispelled myths about aging 

●     You can absolutely de-age.

●     Your genes don’t determine your longevity...your microbiome or 8 million unique genes in your bacteria do. 

●     The microbiome is the most important factor in how you age.

●     Exercise and meditation can change your microbiome.

●     The lining of your gut is your skin turned inside...the more mucus you have inside, the better.

●     But milk DOES NOT do the body good, neither do lectins.

Dr. David Hepburn said if our brains make Cannabis, why not use it to heal? 

●     Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that was discovered in the late 1980s. 

●     Cannabinoids help us eat, sleep, relax and forget.

●     If we didn’t have this we would be tremorous and nauseous in fact, some doctors call Turrets Syndrome an Endocannabinoid deficiency.

●     Cannabinoids have been shown to kill cancer cells, relieve insomnia, anxiety and pain and reduce the negative effects of neurodegenerative diseases, glaucoma and the growing Opioid epidemic. 

●     No one has ever died from Cannabis.

●     The psychoactive component in THC is reduced by CBD.

Roger McNamee, author of “Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe,” encouraged us to demand privacy. 

●     We share things online that trigger fight or flight, Google replaces democracy with algorithms. They have a data voodoo doll of all of us. Why? Because we trust the results of a google search.

●     Google and Facebook algorithms have no morality They go to the elements of the human psyche so great we can’t resist. One person’s joy is another person’s jealousy. 

●     Video games were the first technology to use these kind of behavioral addiction elements that casinos and now social media companies use. 

●     The public health crisis is affecting our children, creating a loss in competition and innovation and the functional use of democracy.”

●     “The cost of free is now massive.” 

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