The Art Of Conscious Change: New  Teaching On Practical Awareness

The Art Of Conscious Change: New Teaching On Practical Awareness

By Hannah Skaggs

A new teaching on practical consciousness and awareness that has taken Europe by storm has now reached America. 

For more than a year, this teaching, called the Art of Conscious Change (ACC), has been providing its revolutionary system to San Francisco. The program promises sustainable happiness, self-freedom, and success. It claims to accomplish these goals by eliminating disturbing emotions and limiting beliefs, negative concepts, and distractive thought patterns through practical awareness.

It was founded in Estonia by Ingvar Villido, and over 16,000 people from all over the world claim to have benefited from its effective inner technologies, eliminating anxiety, fear, stress, laziness, procrastination and other emotional and behavioral issues that are stopping them from taking action in their lives. Unlike mindfulness or meditation, which are considered passive awareness practices, ACC purports to get to the heart of a person’s being to effect real change in action.

A recent independent study revealed that 96% of participants affirmed their satisfaction with the results of the teachings, through which they said they had acquired the reliable use of awareness to accomplish anything in life, achieving both inward and outward success. 

Participants reported a sustainable increase in their happiness, self-freedom, self-expression, leadership and productivity along with a peaceful balance and overall well-being. In addition, participants said they could choose to develop their consciousness qualities, collectively known as the intellect, to activate insights, inspiration, intuition, understanding, deepening, and other desirable super genius like abilities on demand.

Ingvar Villido developed the course in 2007 after investigating his Kriya Yoga students’ difficulty maintaining awareness during their Kriya practices. Kriya means “action with awareness,” a technique popularized by Yoganada and later championed by the late Steve Jobs. In his investigation, Villido found that the students had an unstable awareness, also known as monkey mind. They were unable to successfully orientate their inner world and reported emotions and thought processes that disturbed them both consciously and unconsciously. 

Villido’s students found so much success with the teaching that they asked him to teach it publicly and make it available even to modern non-yoga practitioners. Today ACC is taught in many countries worldwide including Estonia, Russia, Germany, Finland, Austria, and the United States.

“The root problems of humanity stem from ignorance of the inner world, current automatic behaviors, and neglecting of our most potent instruments – the super qualities of consciousness. But above all, from not knowing our True Self from ego, the false identity. Would we all agree to release our automatic emotions – even if for just one day – we would wake up to a totally different humanity already on the next day,” stated Villido.

Villido is described as a modern enlightened wisdom teacher in addition to being a researcher, best-selling author and lecturer. He combines his ancient yogic traditions with his scientific knowledge and empirical research to make them accessible, logical and practical for everyday people. In Europe the media describes his work as a “revolutionary teaching for humanity.” He’s also called the Leonardo da Vinci of the inner world, consciousness and self-realization and the father of the personal sustainability movement. 

After intense personal practice from 1981–2000, Villido underwent a series of “inner transformations” and since then has remained in the "lasting state of deep peace and bliss." He now works to upgrade people to “awareness as a new paradigm” by providing knowledge and methods to liberate humans from their internal automatic reactions of emotions and thoughts, enabling them to live freely in the primacy of consciousness. After incubating his research in Estonia, Villido began teaching to help people reach their conscious potential by sharing his wisdom and insights. 

The Art of Conscious Change teaches unique inner technologies and techniques based on the practical use of awareness, which are designed to bring inner peace and clarity, reduce the effects of negative or exhausting emotions on one’s life and give practitioners a better understanding of who they really are. The course provides a practical skills “toolbox” for applying awareness in everyday life to effectively “mend” any situation one might encounter.

According to Villido, integrating these acquired skills into practical life this way makes them the basis for adopting a more aware view of one’s daily life. He says this view contains less noise and mess and by adopting it, practitioners can gradually take life under actual control, the natural way things should be. He states that when individuals practice ACC, the driving forces and guides of their daily lives – emotions and thought patterns – will become their tools and they will decide for themselves the time and place to use them. Villido says that this causes inspiration and intuition, which reveal themselves only occasionally, to become readily available and usable. From the background of everyday noise, a singular state of being – awareness – will start to emerge, he says. The course teaches that acting in this state can raise individuals’ quality of life remarkably compared to what they have experienced before. In practical life, their true beings, into which they had only theoretical insights or rare glimpses (if they were lucky), will begin to reveal themselves.

In Europe, many leading business leaders, entertainers, celebrities, politicians, teachers and other successful people attribute their success to Villido’s work. Among them is Aigi Vahing, a former host of American Idol in Estonia, who said, “Emotions can be a powerful motivating force when you know how to use them. Know how to free yourself from unnecessary emotions.” In America, Nancy Githoito, a start-up founder, said: "I had such an amazing life-changing time at ACC. I feel way lighter, much smarter, and very powerful." Susan Doung, a member of the medical community, said, “The Art of Conscious Change is so much more than the words you see. It’s a series of tools to a person’s freedom to be, do, and have anything in life! I love this work so much!” 

The course is coming again this October and will be taught by Ingvar Villido himself. For those looking for something beyond mindfulness, this is worth exploring.

The Art of Conscious Change in San Francisco is happening on October 19th & 20th, 2019. Register HERE!

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