New Moon In Libra

New Moon In Libra

Cover Image By Energy Therapy

By Dana Damara

This Libra New Moon is a very straightforward and positive Moon. It happens on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 11:26am PST.  Thank goodness right?  After that Full Moon Pisces…things were somewhat tumultuous and most definitely sensitive.  We can take a big, huge breath in now and exhale all that out. It’s a New Moon in LIBRA … relationships, balance, harmony, love, and justice.  

The aspects for this New Moon are just as favorable. Venus and Jupiter are forming an exact sextile during the New Moon which is the ultimate of positive ju-ju.

We can shift now to some playful energy; focus on joy, love, connecting and intimacy in relationships. Be on the lookout for a lot of FUN opportunities that have the potential to move you forward in love, abundance and deep connection.  

 We’ve got Uranus quincunx the New Moon as well, so be open to something new showing up that you may not have thought about.  A new way to look at things, a new person, new partner, new … something. Maybe the miracle you’ve been waiting for? Trust the flow and listen in deeply. Use your intuition and take a risk, you may surprise yourself.  

The New Moon is also opposite Chiron so… Healing, Healing, Healing. Did I say Healing? Venus is sextile to Jupiter, so remember this: what you focus on expands. So, focus on love, abundance, leadership, harmony, and celebration. Oh and did I mention love?  Expand all the goodness.  

Venus is also conjunct Mercury so please, speak gently, compassionately. Cherish others and show a ton of gratitude. This is a beautiful New Moon, so treat it as such.

Love yourself. Love this moment. Love this life. 

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 Aum Shreem Som Somaya Namaha! 








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