Sacred Style By The Sattva Collection

Sacred Style By The Sattva Collection

By Lexi Faith

We interviewed AnneMarie Brown, co-creator and director of the Sattva Collection, to discuss what sacred style is and how it can change your life, all while supporting local communities in rural India. 

Hey AnneMarie, so our first question is, what is “Sacred Style?”

When we practice yoga and meditation, we are doing a lot of inner work, but part of that inner work is how we feel when we step out into the world. By staying conscious with the decisions we make in regards to what we consume, what we wear, who we interact with, and of course, our practice and what we do personally, we create a personal culture, a sense of “being” that is reflected in how we show up in the world.

“Sacred Style” is the practice of adorning ourselves with consciously created jewelry, clothing, and symbols that help us connect with our sacred self. By wearing clothes and accessories that are created with deep intention, deep devotion, deep love and creativity, we then go out into the world with this energy. Jewelry and clothing adorned with symbols, mandalas, and deities invoke their energy and intention into the field around us, which helps us to stay connected to living our most inspired life. By wearing pieces which have been created with meaning that connect us to our sacred self, we are able to flourish and experience the magic in the world. 

That sounds amazing, it reminds me of when I would dress up as a kid and invoke the character I was playing!

Yes! Exactly!

Okay, so what is unique about the designs at the Sattva Collection?

Well, the intention of the Sattva Collection is to empower anyone that wears it to live an inspired life. Everything in our collection is curated with inspired energy, ranging from the people who work at the company, the artisans, and the delivery, so that when it arrives to the consumer they can feel that loving and supportive energy. In India, when we set an intention, we often use a piece of red string, and we place our intention and our attention on that. Our brand, the Sattva Collection, is a reflection of that vision. By identifying our intention and knowing what will support that, we can live a fully inspired life. 

I love that, intentional fashion! What materials does the Sattva Collection use?

Our jewelry is made with both precious and semi precious gemstones, in which we can call upon nature to support us by wearing them. As well, our astrological jewelry, such as our Jyotish rings, are blessed in the Ganga and offered a purification ceremony before sending them out because they are each individually created. Our symbols are made from copper, our fine jewelry is made from 14k and 18k gold. The Sri Yantra necklace is a personal favorite, which is made from 14k gold, as it connects the wearer to the energy of the goddess, evoking radiance, abundance, and connection to authentic power. 

Our clothes are made from silk and cotton, handmade with block prints, which is done mindfully as a work of art, and the intention of these pieces is to invoke the queen within. When we feel like a queen, we can move through the world calling in abundance and authentic power. The bags at the Sattva Collection are made from hand stitched vintage textiles. In fact, our yoga mat bags, which have been a bestseller this summer, are made by a group of women in the deserts of Rajasthan. These women are not allowed to get jobs in their community but they can gather and create quilts from katha, a combination of different fabrics and bedazzled, mirrored, and embroidered pieces from Rajasthan, which are then used to create gorgeous yoga mat bags and totes. You can find them here.

Amazing, and where can our readers find the Sattva Collection?

The Sattva Collection is available globally online, and we have our products in the Denver/Boulder area in Colorado, Brooklyn and the Hamptons in NY, the LA area, Australia, Rishikesh, India and several other locations. If you go online to the store locator you can type in any zip code, state, or country and find the nearest store selling the Sattva Collection to you!

For more information on the Sattva Collection, head over to There will be a release of the newest collection this fall during the Sattva Summit, a boutique conscious festival in the foothills of the Himalayas. For tickets, head over to to find out more!

Join us in India this year at the Sattva Summit!

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