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Everlasting Experiences At The Telluride Yoga Festival

By Janice Brooks

The adage “begin with the end in mind” has been expert advice for many high power executives, and on many levels Yoga teachers in the course of planning out their Yoga class also adhere to that principle. So, I shall begin by saying this: Get your ticket now, today, for the 2019 Telluride Yoga Festival. There, I said it…

Telluride Yoga Festival Announces Lineup!


The Telluride Yoga Festival will celebrate ten years in the stunning San Juan Mountains this July 20-23. The first yoga festival of it's kind; the event draws in nearly a thousand yoga enthusiasts to the historic mountain town for four days of community, live music, and yogic contemplation...

4 Positive Messages About The Election

By Courtney Aldor

Let’s face it, much of the country is in a state of fear right now. Whether it be fear of the future led by a candidate they didn’t believe in for this election or the one prior, many of us are feeling off-kilter. But, with hard lessons comes positive change, especially with an open mind and the right attitude. So let’s look at 4 uplifting messages, and what we can do RIGHT NOW to help bring about positive change. Each of us has the power to make this happen...