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Sedona Yoga Festival: A Transformative Weekend

By Nikita Mehta

There are 108 marma points in the body. These are vital life force points where two or more types of tissue meet. They are junctures in our body, places of incredible energy movement. In yoga we connect to these marma points when opening the heart or releasing energy through our crown...

Interview With Saul David Raye, Bhakti Yogi And Kirtan Artist: Catch Him Live At Bhakti Fest, Sept 7-11, Joshua Tree, CA

By Ashley Shires
Saul David Raye an internationally acclaimed yoga instructor and kirtan artist who draws on the depth of bhakti and tantra yoga traditions. His music is influenced by his travels in India and his experience growing up in the music industry in Malibu. He will be teaching yoga and playing music from his new album, 10,000 Suns at Bhakti Fest...

Into The Heart With Saul David Raye

By Erika van Gemeren

After taking Saul David Raye's class at Shakti Fest this year, I wanted to know more and I wanted to dig deeper. I was curious to see what Saul had to share outside of the yoga room! He is a humble teacher who emanates love, it seems as if he lives and breathes his practices in all aspects of his life...