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Shakti Fest 2018: A Capricorn's Highlights, Tips & Take-Aways

By Ashley Shires

I have had an amazing, transformative experience every time I've attended Shakti Fest, at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center, and this year was no exception. The festival is a full weekend of live sacred music and yoga with the most open-hearted people I've ever met. Reflecting on the 9th annual festival, I was overwhelmed with highlights, but the practical Capricorn in me has a few tips and take-aways I'd love to share with you…

Govind Das On Bhakti Yoga & Celebrating The Divine Feminine At Shakti Fest

By Ashley Shires

My favorite part is how people come together from all over the country: old friends and new friends, that sweetness of friendship and celebrating the path of love, the journey of love. Specifically at Shakti, celebrating the divine feminine. I’ve felt this great connection to my own mother, my first guru, love for the mother. That is very easy to translate into a relationship to God as Divine Mother…

Into The Heart With Saul David Raye

By Erika van Gemeren

After taking Saul David Raye's class at Shakti Fest this year, I wanted to know more and I wanted to dig deeper. I was curious to see what Saul had to share outside of the yoga room! He is a humble teacher who emanates love, it seems as if he lives and breathes his practices in all aspects of his life...