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The Gift Of Silence

By Bruce Davis Ph.D.

In silence we can hear our own thoughts. Perhaps more beautiful we can hear the world without the crowded stream of our thoughts. Visiting silence can be an adventure, a pilgrimage, a life changing journey into peace and quiet...

Silent Retreat: Seeking Deeper Meaning And Purpose

By Bruce Davis, Ph. D.

Throughout history there are countless stories of people stepping away from the routine of life to seek deeper meaning and purpose. A life working, pursuing entertainment and comfort, and staying physically fit only takes us so far. More education, travel and being busy are a few of the countless ways to pass time, challenge time, or dull time. Nevertheless something inside of us wants deeper meaning and purpose. Life is passing us by...

A Silent Retreat Center Near San Francisco

By Deidre Norman

In our noisy, busy world, many people are hungry for simple peace and quiet, and Silent Stay Retreat Center is the perfect solution. Sitting on a mountain top with views in all directions, the retreat center is found on the back roads to Napa Valley, only 1.5 hours from San Francisco...