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The Gift Of Silence

By Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

In silence we can hear our own thoughts. Perhaps more beautiful we can hear the world without the crowded stream of our thoughts. Visiting silence can be an adventure, a pilgrimage, a life changing journey into peace and quiet...

The Path Of Grace

By Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

Everyday there are the moments that can be described only as life’s grace. It is the light in our partner’s eyes, the warm smile of a total stranger, the dancing clouds in a busy day. Every moment of beauty is a moment of grace...

If Heaven Is Real, What Are We Doing Here?

By Bruce Davis, Ph.D.

The word is out. We read about it in best-selling books and see it in movies and on YouTube. Famous people and many ordinary folks are coming forward with a similar tale. They are each talking about very personal experience of encounter, an encounter with another world, an encounter with something we could only call Heaven...