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Lighten Up!! It’s OK To Laugh In Yoga

By Katie Lucas

As an instructor, my greatest accomplishment isn’t sending home a room of sweaty people. My greatest accomplishment is when I can get my students to laugh. As the Co-Founder of Ohm K, a women’s wellness apparel brand specializing in cheeky yoga tank tops and empowering messages, I’m all about bringing some levity to my workout...

Beats And Brunch At Ritual Hot Yoga!

By Kelly Finnegan

Ritual Hot Yoga hosted an event and invited bloggers and publishers in the Bay area to be part of their blossoming community.  Upon arriving at Ritual, it became clear to me that they are consciously building a strong community that serves as a pillar of strength and support to teachers and students alike...

Experiencing Bhakti Yoga In SF!

By Kelly Finnegan

The word Bhakti has several definitions. One that stands out the most to me is “union through love and devotion”. One would think that love and devotion are inherently present in each and every practice, but that is not the case. No two practices are ever the same; just like no two days are ever the same...

Shiva Rea On Cultivating Lunar Sadhana (Or Listening To Our Bodies And Slowing Down!)

By Courtney Aldor

Ok, so I’m in NYC right now, missing the Bay Area every minute of every day.  Which is why, when I heard about Devaa Haley Mitchell’s free online Inspiring Women with Soul event on the Shift Network, I jumped at the opportunity to connect with that NorCal yogi spirit and inspiring women everywhere.  My alarm went off for Shiva Rea’s talk...

6 Steps From Trauma To Dharma From Sat Nam Fest

By Colleen Crowley

Overall, Sat Nam Fest was a rich experience of divine music, delicious food, and all the Kundalini Yoga you could hope for.  It was one potent workshop after another packed into 5 days in the beautiful desert of Joshua Tree.  From Wha Kundalini Dance classes to holding space with Jai Dev Singh, there seemed to be a common theme for this year’s festival: how to heal trauma.