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Vibrate The Cosmos - A Kundalini Yoga Intensive With Seva Simran Singh

Vibrate the Cosmos - A Kundalini Yoga Intensive with Seva Simran Singh

Date: 10/15/2017From: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Indigo Yoga & Pilates in Walnut Creek, California

It is said that there are worlds upon worlds and universes upon universes. Countless realms of space and an infinity of time – a sea of energy. From light and sound to the physical realm, everything is in a constant state of vibration. All of it – even the solid ground and rocks – resonating and vibrating. As humans we relate to particular frequencies that our senses can perceive. Our minds compute the sensory input and voila, we have our experience of life. With Kundalini Yoga, we enhance our capacity to sense by strengthening our nerves, tuning the mind and clearing stress. The practice helps us become more sensitive, stable, intuitive and uplifted. We become more aware – and from this sensitive awareness, stillness develops. In the depth of this stillness we experience Shuniya, silence, the language of the universe. Shuniya is the ultimate healing power of the universe. It is in this state of deep awareness that the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan can begin.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a system of healing utilizing the projective meditative mind to release resistances. This allows the natural flow to occur, resulting in revitalizing healing. Sat Nam Rasayan can help heal anything, from body pain to emotions, relationships, chakras, tattoos, 10 Bodies, even rooms or houses. This extraordinary healing art cultivates a deep meditative state in the practitioner and is a great service to those who receive it.

Cost: $85 per person with preregistration by October 10th; $95 thereafter and at the door.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that workshops are non-transferable and are refundable with 72 hours notice for studio account credit only.


Seva SimranLAc. found everything he didn’t know he was searching for when he took his first Kundalini Yoga class. He spent most of his childhood and early adulthood struggling with feeling stifled, numb and confined. Seeking something more from life, Seva Simran stumbled upon a Kundalini workshop. There he felt something fall into place and had the thought, “THIS is what I have been looking for.” Seva Simran knew he had to pursue making Kundalini Yoga his life’s dedication. He is a Sat Nam Rasayan Healer and Level II certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. As a teacher trainer conducting trainings all over the U.S., Seva Simran’s life’s work involves helping people find elevation through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. This practice lifted him out of dark times and leads him to a brighter existence on a daily basis. The opportunity to guide others to that same freedom is his passion. His aim is to create a space for students to release, heal and resolve.

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