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White Tantric Yoga: A One Day Meditation Workshop

A ONE DAY MEDITATION WORKSHOP... let your spirit soar!

WHERE: Lake Merritt UMC (1330 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, California 94606)

Our minds release 1000 thoughts per wink of an eye. Some of these thoughts get lost in the unconscious, and some get stuck in the subconscious and affect the conscious mind. These thoughts become feelings, emotions, desires, multi-realities or fantasies. Instead of mastering our mind, often our mind and thoughts direct us, which can cause impulsive decisions, poor communication and self-imposed stress.

White Tantric Yoga® is an ancient group meditative practice that enables you to break through these subconscious blocks, so you can have a more enjoyable life. In the shortest time, you can experience release from a lot of the burden you carry in your mind.

$165 Pre-Registration (through 2/16/17)
$185 Full Tuition
*Full-time student and senior (65+) rates available
(must provide valid & current ID)

{Vegetarian lunch included}

To register, please send your name, address, email, phone number, and check made payable to:

I-Ting Shen
1281A 41st Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94122

or visit

White Tantric Yoga® is done in pairs as a group meditation. You sit facing a partner and follow instructions for meditation given on video by the Mahan Tantric, Yogi Bhajan. A representative of the Mahan Tantric will be present to facilitate White Tantric Yoga®.

Each workshop consists of between six and eight kriyas. A kriya is a meditation incorporating:
• a yoga posture (asana)
• a hand position (mudra)
• a breathing technique (pranayama)
• a mental focus and/or a mantra

Sometimes the kriyas are accompanied by music. These Kriyas vary in length up to sixty-two minutes. There are breaks in between each Kriya.

There are no prerequisites for participating in White Tantric Yoga®. Beginners will tune into their internal energies and enjoy a deep and sometimes challenging meditative experience. More advanced meditation practitioners will deepen their experience and make new inroads to their spiritual awareness.

More about White Tantric Yoga®: