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Sedona Yoga Festival

Wake Up In Sedona - ABOUT Sedona Yoga Festival ...

SYF, a consciousness evolution conference, provides the keys to unlocking your greatest transformation with a focus on yoga and the expansion of consciousness. Returning for the 5th Annual destination event are Mark Whitwell, Steve Ross, Sara Ivanhoe, Ana Brett & Ravi Singh, while new to the line-up are welcomed Gwen Lawrence, Liz Arch, Dixon, Brahmarishi Mohanji, Shunya Pratichi Mathur, Ben Thomas, and Tao Portion Lynch to name only a few of the 108 presenters! Truly an amplifying force showing up in a powerful land disguised as a yoga festival.

As for the festival experience, with over 200 sessions to choose from, ranging from quiet meditation to rockin’ vinyasa, performances, experiential journeys, conscious conversation land hikes and deep classical yoga and Vedic studies, no two attendees weekends will be the same.

The optional integrated 20-hour training for Yoga teachers “Traumatic Stress: Resiliency and Healing with Yoga” is designed to provide yoga teachers with the skills to share yoga with first responders, veterans, trauma survivors, and those affected by PTSD and TBI including caregivers, family and service providers. Offered every year the SYF Gives Back training is, for the first time, integrated into the general conference schedule. The training, along with several other classes at the conference offer CEUs to yoga teachers, while simultaneously being accessible to the new yogi.

Why? The SYF Tribe of Presenters have a commitment to consciousness and unfailing authenticity that resonate to all and especially in Sedona’s spiritually charged environment… Nestled among the red rocks and surrounded by easily accessible trails, rich in energy “vortexes,” Sedona has long been known for its magnifying, regenerative powers—making it the ideal place to come together in large numbers and create a concentration of energy that will resonate throughout the lands.

This conference is a world class opportunity for you to deepen your practice and tap into ancient wisdom with three days and three nights of yoga, meditation, hiking and energy work in the undisputed spiritual center of the West.We invite you to step into your power and are creating just the platform you need to experience YOUR unique transformation!

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Cover Photo by Dexs Creative Imagery.

Photo above by Robert Sturman