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Kundalini New Year’s Eve Rebirthing: Renew & Refresh For 2019 With Seva Simran Singh

Spend New Year’s with Seva Simran Singh at Yoga Tree Portrero. Renew & Refresh for 2019!

Usher in the coming year freer, clearer & more connected to purpose. Clear the stress of the past & future worry. As we release these old energies and inner obstacles, we are able to move forward and enjoy the prosperity and flow of life more fully. 

In this workshop, you will firmly establish your link to the rhythm of the Universe. Opportunity, prosperity & blessings shall abound. Leverage the shift of the year & align yourself with an expanded projection of your highest purpose. Be prepared for yoga, meditation, chanting & deep gong relaxation.

You will:
• Experience a refreshed mind, revitalized body & renewed connection to self
• Practice yogic techniques for daily health, healing & upliftment
• Cleanse physically & energetically with ancient and powerful mantras, meditations & pranayamas
• Connect & grow your yogic/spiritual community
• Receive a certificate for a complimentary wellness consultation w/Seva Simran Singh

Kundalini New Year's Eve Rebirthing
Renew & Refresh for 2019!
Seva Simran Singh
December 31, 2018
Monday | 7-10pm
Yoga Tree Potrero, 1500 16th St.

(415) 655-3936

Cost is $50 

Seva Simran Singh Khalsa's passion involves helping people find elevation and increased personal and spiritual freedom through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Through his warmth, compassion, and humor, he creates a space for students to release, heal and resolve. He is a Kundalini Teacher trainer as well as a gifted healer.

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