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Robert Sturman: Mastering The Art Of Yoga Photography

Mastering the art of yoga photography with Robert Sturman is happening March 31, 2018 from 11am - 1pm at YogaWorks in San Francisco.

$65 | $55 before 3/17 Get your tickets here!

Master the art of yoga photography • Be the model and/or be the shooter.

Discover the secrets of how to make powerful, poetic images celebrating the beautiful art of yoga. Aspiring models and yogis: Learn what it takes to get great pictures. Photography enthusiasts: learn about composition, balance, integration of the pose with the environment, cool phone apps, and much more.

Come be the photographer, model, artist, muse or all of the above. Bring your camera, phone, questions, and curiosity. The first half of the workshop will be inside. In the second half, you’ll venture outside into the natural daylight.

Lecture with interactive photo shoots.

The subject of two New York Times articles, Robert Sturman’s art captures the timeless grace and embodied mindfulness of asana. A dedicated yoga practitioner himself, Sturman's work has increasingly gestured at something beyond the physical, something transcendent. His stunning repertoire runs the gamut from yogis perched on rocks surrounded by the Pacific ocean, to African orphans practicing yoga in Kenya, to breast cancer survivors, bare-chested and scarred.

Sturman’s portraits, whether set in the lively streets of Manhattan, the expansiveness of Malibu's beaches and canyons, the timeless elegance of Walden's New England, or the bleakness of San Quentin Prison, remind us that there is beauty everywhere.

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