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Where The Boys Are

A new work by Vanessa Flores
Directed by Kieran Beccia

A broken heart and a baby shower. Sounds like a lighthearted Sunday. Actually it's Saturday, but will your Sunday be any different? All the boys are gone. It's our world now. So you better be "gettin it", girl. Or else.

Featuring Eliza BoivinLucianne Colón, Ciera Eis, Carla GallardoJuliana LustenaderKaitlyn OrtegaLeigh Rondon-Davis, and Megan Wicks

The Team
Vanessa Flores, Playwright
Kieran Beccia, Director
Carl Oser, Music Director
Marisa Ramos, Assistant Director
Austin Owen, Dramaturg
Noah Kramer, Scenic and Props Designer
Merissa Mann, Costume Designer
Elton Bradman, Sound Designer
Maxx Kurzunski, Lighting Designer
Jakob Bernardino, Stage Manager

August 10-18 | The Rueff at The Strand Theater
Tickets $25

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Artwork by Karen Loccisano

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