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Women's Wellness Full-Day Retreat

Take time out of your busy life and attune with the Autumn season to cultivate greater awareness, joy, and ease. Join Lisa Love at the beautiful beachside Enso Yoga studio for a day of relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, organic food, setting intentions, and creative expression! 

The day will start with mindfulness practices, breathwork, and connecting with each other, then you’ll take a very short walk to the beach for an Oceanside Meditation. You will return to the studio for a Mindful Eating practice with indulgent snacks, and then you will set your Intentions for the Autumn season and spend ample time creating Vision Boards incorporating those intentions. You will then enjoy a delicious organic vegetarian dinner together, followed by sharing your vision boards and the insights you discovered through the creative process. The day will close with a Meditation and a deeply restful Restorative Yoga session. Join like-minded women and treat yourself to a relaxing day of nature, clarity, creativity, and self-care!

How Can Setting Intentions Help Me?

Setting intentions can help you maintain resonance with what you really want to be doing in your life. This is especially helpful when life gets really busy, in particular, as we enter the holiday season. The Autumn Equinox is the perfect time to set your intentions, so you can make choices each day with clarity and purpose.

What Is Included in My Women’s Wellness Retreat?

A safe and supportive space to cultivate awareness and ease with like-minded conscious women who are focused on wellness. Water, tea, afternoon snacks, and an organic vegetarian dinner are also included. All art materials for the Vision Boards are provided, but feel free to bring your own images and materials to work with. Yoga props, such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks are also provided. A small gift is also included for each participant.

Women’s Wellness Retreat Rate: $185 

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