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Experience a never-experienced-before experience at AT&T Park — SILENT. DISCO. YOGA.

Yes. It’s exactly as it sounds. You’ll receive a pair of headphones to use for the duration of the class and be taken through a nourishing & grounding yoga class led by Outdoor Yoga SF’s very own Julianne Aiello. The Health & Wellness expo will be well underway during the time of the class, but you will be able to clear out those sounds, seagull squacks & Giants fan cheers with the headphones and the sweet sound of Julianne’s voice guiding you through your practice.

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Explore the Giant Race Health & Wellness Weekend through the new Fitness Series. The Fitness Series offers people of all shapes, sizes, & ages to move, sweat & stretch while being surrounded by our favorite place on earth, AT&T Park.

The vibrant & exciting energy of the Giant Race Health & Wellness Weekend is unrivaled. They are looking forward to a weekend full of movement, running, walking, baseball, music and Lou Seal hugs.

The Fitness Series was created in an effort to get more fans to move their bodies in a healthy way, while getting to experience what it's like to be on the field where the pros play at AT&T Park. Join them for a full body workout, an easy yoga flow, or a fun Silent Disco yoga experience. At the end of the weekend, you'll feel more connected to fans, to AT&T Park and to yourself.