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Nourish: Slow Flow/RESTorative Training With Janet Stone

Join Janet Stone for the workshop - Nourish: Slow Flow/RESTorative Training at Yoga Tree!

As the light dissipates, our bodies are called to slow down, even as the world outside keeps moving in frenetic laps. During this week, drop into the body, mind, spirit to find spaces between effort and surrender, allowing our systems to release into its great integrative power.

Join Janet for a nourishing and introspective week.

In this workshop, you will explore:
Ways to replenish the nervous system
Practices to move out of the fight or flight cyclical response and learn to nourish adrenals
Slow and fluid sequences to cultivate sustainable power from the inside out
Restorative postures that can be woven into your practice and teachings
Meditation to refill mind, body, spirit
Pranayama to balance hormone levels
Chanting to awaken your hearts longing
Teach from a space of integration and ease
Subtle body teachings
Koshas: layers of the subtle body
5 elements: aspects of moving from grounding to spaciousness
Prana Vayus: the movement of prana/energy through the body
Ways to integrate introspective movement into personal practice and teaching

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