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White Tantric Yoga - Bay Area

WHITE TANTRIC YOGA® California Bay Area!

The next course will be held on MARCH 2, 2019 in OAKLAND, CA. The course will be held in the beautiful Lake Merrit United Methodist Church at: 1330 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94606. The course starts at 8:15 am; Doors & Day of / onsite registration open at 7:30 am. Please read below for information and details about the course and White Tantric Yoga®. 


  • $165 Adult pre-registration (until 11:59pm PST 02/20/2019)

  • $185 Adult Registration (after 02/20/2019, online sales until 7:00pm PST 02/28/2019)

  • $137 Full-time Student or Senior (65+) pre-registration (until 11:59pm PST 02/20/2019)

  • $157 Full-time Student or Senior (65+) (must provide current ID the day of the course) (after 02/20/2019, online sales until 7:00pm PST 02/28/2019)


  • Come to the workshop ready to meditate, having done some yoga or stretching exercises.

  • Wear loose, comfortable, white clothing. White combines all the colors and enhances your magnetic field and auric strength.

  • Wear a white cotton head covering which FULLY covers the head and will stay on securely during the kriyas.

  • Please bring a blanket/sheepskin/ypoga mat to sit on and a light blanket to cover yourself with during relaxation periods.

  • White Tantric Yoga® is a cleansing process. Water will be provided during the day or you may bring your own.

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or spraying essential oils, as it may disturb others.

*Please note and be mindful that the White Tantric Yoga® space between the lines is limited and nothing but essential items as listed above should be brought into the space in a very consolidated fashion. Please leave valuables at home. Photography and videography or use of any kind of recording device is prohibited at White Tantric Yoga®. Cameras are not allowed at the workshops and cell phones should be turned off.

Learn more and/or reserve your spot HERE.