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Healing Concert With Wah!

Join Wah! and  Britany Paradis Yoga at  Yoga Flow SF on May 18th at 8pm.

The Healing Concert is a multimedia musical and visual presentation that has the ability to transform audience member's physical and mental state, to literally bring about a shift of consciousness. It’s a doorway to a different you. More than the music, it’s all about the experience that the music allows.

It's an evening immersion into deepest of rest with sound healing and live music by Wah!, accompanied by and incredible laser light show of the Northern Lights, constellations, and the cosmos.

The Healing Concert is an invitation to access deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing as everyone is gently guided into a state of natural meditation, that allows the body and mind to release any tension, letting go layer by layer.

“People have profound experiences at The Healing Concert,” says Wah! “Some people sleep; some rest; some people cry… not tears of sorrow but an expression, an acknowledgment of life, a surrender to authentic emotion.”

Cost: $35 in advance or $40 the day of. Learn more HERE.