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Energetic Alignment & Intuitive Anatomy

Join Energetic Alignment & Intuitive Anatomy with Dana Damara at Yoga Flow SF.

Use asana, pranayam, meditation, and the Vayus of energy flow, to work through the (koshas or sheaths), and get through to the deepest layers of density in the body. Each of us has a spark that lights us up; that guides us and motivates in this human experience. Most often that spark is muffled by false beliefs, old conditioning, unresolved pain and/or trauma. We walk through this life, unconsciously driven by those old patterns until one day we recognize who we really are. 

Move through the layers of density, shake off the stagnation, reignite your inner spark. Purge the old so you can emerge new. Locate the inertia in the body that holds you back and learn how to untangle the beliefs that live in your physical body. Chakras are introduced and/or revisited as these are the subtle realms that hold and replay old patterns in your current relationships. These old issues in your tissues show up again and again to reaffirm your beliefs. They show up as injury, dis-ease, health issues, pain, unresolved conflict, abandonment, and lost relationships. Learn new tools to move beyond old unconscious beliefs, locate the exact physical spot in the body and resolve to move forward with love, grace, gratitude.

Bring your mat, your journal and writing utensils.

$495 Early Bird (April 4th)
$515 after April 4th

Certification: Upon completion you will be eligible to register 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance (YA)

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