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Yamas And Niyamas With Dana Damara

Join Dana Damara for Yamas and Niyamas at Yoga Flow SF!

Dive deeper into the principles of yoga. You will begin at the beginning with the 8 Limbs – the 101 of Yoga. Yoga is not just asana, in fact, asana is only 1/8 of this practice. You will dive head and heart first into the 10 principles called the Yamas and Niyamas, principles and codes for authentic living. Study how you relate to your Self as well as how you relate to others from a yogic perspective. 

You will investigate each of these and how we integrate them into our lives:

• Ahimsa – Non-violence 
• Satya – Truth
• Asteya – Non-stealing
• Brahmacharya – moderation of sensual pleasures
• Aparigraha – Non-grasping

• Shaucha – purity
• Santosha – contentment
• Swadhyaya – self study
• Tapas – discipline
• Ishvarapranidhana – celebration of the spiritual

Take your practice to the next level, the one of the heart. Bring your mat, your journal and writing utensils.

$495 Early Bird (May 15th)
$515 after May 15th

Certification: Upon completion you will be eligible to register 20 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance (YA)

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