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Kriya Yoga Retreat

Kriya Yoga Retreat: 1st Initiation of Babaji Kriya Yoga.

Learn the high technology of consciousness and self-realization by awakening your supreme potential with the power of Kriya science.

Ingvar Villido (Ishwarananda), has taught people how to become aware, how to orientate in their inner world and how to make deep conscious changes in themselves since 1992. He is a practitioner, author, and initiated teacher - Master Achyara of Babaji's Kriya Yoga representing an authentic yogic lineage from the ancient 18 Siddhas.

The practice of Babaji's Kriya Yoga is based on the use of awareness to unlock your hidden potential. Yogananda championed Kriya Yoga as the fastest path to self-realization, liberation, and awakening. The first initiation is an intensive weekend course held at a beautiful resort on sacred land in Northern California, just 2 hours north of San Francisco.

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