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Emotional Release Gathering: Yoga And Healing Practice For Women

Scream your troubles away!

Date: 9/14/2019

Time: 10:00am

Location: Crissy Field East Beach

We are gathering a circle of women (whoever identifies as a woman) to get in touch with and release stagnant emotions that we might be unaware of. We'll hold hands, breath, scream at the ocean, and share smiles and support for one another.

According to the researchers, each emotion has an energetic imprint on our bodies. Emotional memories are stored in our tissues and organs. While having a wide spectrum of emotions is healthy, when these emotions don't find a proper exit, they become detrimental to our emotional and physical wellbeing. Frequently, we don't even notice that have become affected by the consequences of such stagnant emotions. That doesn't mean that they stop affecting us.

The method we are offering is based on several modalities, including:

- Dynamic meditation
- Primal Scream Therapy
- Yogic breathing (pranayama)

About our instructor:

Alena is a yoga and meditation instructor dedicated to connecting her students to their most authentic selves, so they can find harmony by living in sync with their souls deepest desires and using their superpowers (because everyone has them!) for the good of others. Utilizing asana, meditation, pranayama, and philosophy teachings, Alena guides her students along the path of self-discovery.

What to bring: Layers (because - San Francisco Summer), something warm to sit on.

This gathering will include powerful techniques for releasing emotions. It's helpful to be familiar with this type of work. If you are not, you are still welcome to attend and practice 1-2 techniques with us while carefully attending to your emotional state. Such work is contraindicated for those with a history of psychological/emotional instability and/or intense traumatic experiences.