HANAH One - A Power Horse Supplement!

HANAH One - A Power Horse Supplement!

By Megan Warren-Henderson

We are a culture of energy seekers dangling over the cliff of exhaustion. We line up for lattes. We buy stimulating sodas with clever names. Caffeine in it’s many forms is an American hero, but it is a temporary fix, it will not sustain or save us, so we drink more, and we drain our adrenals in a vicious cycle in our seemingly never ending search for stamina.

Introducing HANAH One, a botanical supplement, rooted in Ayurveda, ancient wisdom to heal our modern world. HANAH One provides more than sustained energy, in fact, the list of it’s potential benefits is astounding.

After suffering from a terrible mountain biking accident while living in Prague, HANAH founder Joel Einhorn discovered, after a series of coincidences, this ancient Indian practice of healing. From there, he went to Kerala, India and working alongside Dr. V.A. Venugopal, adapted a recipe for modern westerners.

Joel, in the blog on HANAH Life’s site, describes HANAH One as “an extremely powerful herbal tonic that detoxifies the system and brings the body into its optimal state. As you read through the list of ingredients, you’ll find healing and energizing herbs, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. This synergistic blend is created specifically for modern life and the toll it takes on our bodies.”

The 30 or so ingredients which include familiar herbs like Turmeric and Mung Bean along with more exotic herbs like Shatavari and Policosonal are listed HERE  along with their major benefits. Ashwagandha alone, near the top of the list, is a power horse. Literally. The word in sanskrit means, “the smell of a horse” and it refers to the vigor and strength of a stallion that this herb, in the tomato family, imparts. It has its own long list of benefits that include everything from hormonal balance and sexual potency to mood and energy booster!  

After chatting with one of HANAH’s Hero’s, Jimmy Chin, a professional photographer, big mountain climber and world explorer, where he stated that he hadn’t been sick for a year since he began using ONE daily, I decided to try it. If there was ever a guy putting it to the test, it’s Jimmy. He is constantly on the go, traveling through time zones, leading climbing expeditions, or hanging from a rope on top of the ONE world trade center with a camera in his hand, all while juggling a family.

I have been taking it for over a month now. I find the dark black paste mysteriously palatable and look forward to my daily lovin’ spoonful. If it is not a taste you find desirable, HANAH’s blog offers many suggestions on how to mask the flavor in warm teas and smoothies. The first thing I noticed was my digestion functioning more effectively. Then, the spring in my step, during the usual mid day lull. And though I am not making first ascents, I am raising three children which leads to its own feeling of dangling. The results of a daily HANAH One consumption are difficult to explain, but it flows gently through, allowing clarity. I guess you can say that I feel like a river, a clean and vital source of freshness! And after a full month, I have been noticing a more balanced personal moon cycle as well.

The ghee used by HANAH as a carrier for its penetrating qualities, is from the endangered Vechur cow, which is said to live long, eat high vitamin grasses and have a superior quality milk lending itself to the premier ghee within HANAH One. Not only is HANAH supporting the local economy, but they are helping to sustain precious natural resources.

HAHAH One offers free shipping, and they offer subscriptions. A month supply is roughly the same cost of 11 or so lattes, without the jitters and the crash. I am not buying latte’s anymore, I am buying health supplements. I am finding I can leave the rest on the shelf and only reach for HANAH One.  It is exciting and inspiring to me, to support HANAH’s mission to support the revival of ancient medicine and traditions throughout the world.

To learn more about HANAH visit www.hanahlife.com.

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